March 11, 2020

2nd factor: Mision, Plan, Cunningness:

This one is actually the most obvious one, well no, all of this steps are extremely obvious. Maybe that's why almost no one follows them.

After having a vision you must create a mission. And yes, they teach you this in business class, in project management and even in the lamest class of business administration, this is something that everybody knows that they have to do. What most people don't tell you is what it comes with.

I believe that the mission comes with intelligence and creativeness together, it depends a lot in the person, usually, the combination of these two creates cunningness. Uh, that's a word that I like: craftiness; guile; adeptness in performance; dexterity. And I like these words because in reality they are the other key to success and as we will see at the end, none of these keys will work for you separately, just as those really complex locks in movies that you have to put all 4 keys together to open the vault, is the same in here. And is the same with this Mission. 

The mission statement was something that confused me in the past, I thought that it was pretty much the vision just in little but actually the mission is super important as it's the plan, strategy, and posture that you will use to get to that vision. But all of those things that conform the mission are made with these huge tools of the human mind, and no, as I said before, they don't work alone. Many people had intelligence (different type of intelligence I know but) many died poor, scientists, artists, leaders etc. Some of them was because they didn't care to die like that but most of them just had intelligence and craftiness in their fields, they weren't able to use the creativeness to get to their complete vision; and that's the thing 99% (random stats) of people do not achieve or make true their vision because of this, their whole lives they gather intelligence built by experience, knowledge etc but they don't develop their creativeness. This is the most common but also some people have tons of creativeness, ideas, etc. But they lack the knowledge to apply those in real life.

So, The mission is huge. I now make the difference between mission and vision by imagining the mission as impossible mission movies. Ethan Hunt and his team always have and share the same vision, save and protect our world. But each Mission is the way they will do it, the strategy to resolve the issue, the plan to take down the evil guy. And the name relates a lot because to get to you mission I'm pretty sure that it will feel as an impossible mission, you'll feel like you are failing and sometimes (usually) you have to make a change to your strategy especially if, like me, you are still learning and beginning the process to create your plan of life, this plan will pivot and pivot and sometimes go in circles until you pivot again, but that will happen in the next step, which might sound like less, but is the harder one so far. EXECUTION

Written by johanam

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