July 21, 2020

Day 1, once again

Ah sh*&t here we go again.

I'm back to my old job as a sells agent, selling hotel rooms (in the middle of a pandemic, why not?) and I feel differente things.

Excitement, for being again a part of something, Other type of excitement for being with good friends (even if it feels different due to the pandemic), but I'm felling a bit dissapointed with myself and the turnarounds of my life.

I mean, I'll be earning twice the average great salary of Guatemalans, that's another reason for excitement. But, I quit with on February with a goal that I didn't accomplished and I said to myself that I'd try to never come back to a call center.

And here I am doing what I hoped never happened again, not trying any more my goals and just seeing how adulthood really works.

Sounds very sad, but I'm a very optimistic person and even as I'm writing this, I'm trying to smile because I know that even with all of this I will keep trying to find myself and I know that this is just a part of my life that I have to go through right now.

Moreover, I'll be taking the most of it, make good money, save, invest and try to remove this lethargy of myself and do great things in my job, in college and even in some sidehustle.

I'll do it!

Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 22, 2020

Good luck man, keep us updated in your journey, hoping to see you do well!

Posted On Jul 22, 2020

@JustMegawatt Thank you Megawatt, we have to share knowledge about cycling sometime! Take care

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