Feb. 22, 2020

Day 0 - 1st day then? or day 0? What?

So, writing is basically just sitting(finding a good position) and START writing! Even if you just write gibberish (not sure how that's spelled), redundancies or something foolish, it doesn't matter. You will GET BETTER.

And that is the reason for this blog. Because YOU (you and me) WILL get BETTER (I kinda suck right now).This quick post are just going to be a quick daily entry that I will try to do in 15 min every day at the end to see what I learned today.

Well, shall we? Today I learned about the stock market, this skill-share course is pretty amazing actually. Today I completed the first basic course on what is the market, stocks, index, ETF's, etc. Which are terms that I've been learning this days since december but the guy explain them in a very simple way but also you understand the specific parts of each thing like how this companies works since they start like startups, investments and then turning public. It's a really cool course you should check it out if you are into this.https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Investing-101-Understanding-Stocks/1994746969?via=custom-lists

I learned that every big company has its shady stuff and the complex part is that gets shady in your own mind so its very subjective. The company that I work for is very shady, I would say more than many others but I have a financial goal to reach and I will do almost everything to reach it (I already did so I'm quitting very soon).

I learned some other things today like organization and how to send a decent job asking email but I think that it would take more than 10 min to write all of this, so I will leave it here.Life is great, and its hard, that's what makes it great. - Johanam Abdalla

MMM yeah that's all for today, I need to learn how to organize this (I think i'm becoming a organization geek (or creep?)) But I really like things organize so if I figure it out I will let you know.

Written by johanam

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