July 22, 2020

Day 2, Transcribing is cool (quick 3 min log)

Transcribing, one of the best tools, exercise or whatever you want to call it for musicians. I practiced for the first time today, that's why I'm writing this really late.

Anyways, It was pretty cool, an Impro etude in Fm from All the things you are from David Maygel (Great youtube channel)

I did some trading today with some earnings and it was fun to be with my friend Johana at work.

Feels good to be back being a sells agent again, as I said yesterday,

And tomorrow (and this whole week) I'll be clearing my next short / medium goals that it might not include entrepreneurship (directly) in them, but it will have other great results.

WE CAN DO IT PEOPLE, let's just work for it.

And hopefully I'll be writing between tomorrow and thursday my next blog post and editing the one that I have to launch this week so, stayed tuned.

Written by johanam

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