July 23, 2020

Day 3, Slowly but steady

Coming back to old habits its really hard. Especially the good habits.

I'm trying to sleep at the same time, have an schedule, practice piano at night and not go over my time for practice, organize myself (productive time) and write this. It's hard, but most of the good things are hard.

So, today was really good, I checked some boxes as this week is just to stick to my schedule once again and start all over again with my routines and habits.

I had a good time at work and probably next week I'll be working from home already (for this week I have to go to the office). The downside is that the selling work is kind of mind sucking, in other words, mentally tiring as it requires a lot of self control to say the right things and been an active listener all those hours in a constant pace with just a couple of breaks of about 15 min, so, when I comeback home I'm a bit tired mentally and I'm getting use to lay down and check my phone or whatever.

Every time we use self control, it is not an unlimited skill. Is just like that time you need to save some money and you go grocery shopping or to a mall when you are hungry. You will control yourself for the first lines of products, but slowly as you are walking inside the shop or the mall your will gets more and more tired and in the middle or at the end you'll end up buying that thing you didn't need or that hamburger you didn't want.

Is the same with sales, I guess, you use self control all day to think say the right things to the customer and then when you are back home, there is no self will left to control yourself from using IG or FB.

The solution for this, is practice reducing very slowly but steady your time in those things that wont help you and your level of self control will increase as the weeks and months go and you change those habits into new good ones like reading, working in your own business (after your morning job) etc etc.

I wish this is true because I'm trying to practice this everyday.


Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 23, 2020

I never thought of self-control in that way. I agree with your perspective and I'll try to be me forgiving to myself when I can't control my urges to buy that bag of chips or spend money on fast food. Doesn't mean I won't try to stop myself from making these impulse buys

Posted On Jul 25, 2020

@Jin-Woo Thank you for the comment! I'm learning more and more that we don't have to be so hard on ourselves and just have faith that with constant short improvements we can reach wherever we want to go or get whatever we want to have. Maybe trying to have one less impulsive purchase each month may work.
And yes, It's interesting that way to self-control, I learned a bit about it from the book named "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" Interesting book about the psychology part of change. the 2 links below are summaries of the book but I recommend reading it sometime.

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