March 12, 2020

First entry

I will abstain from lengthy introductions since if I continue to write my journal regularly, my personality will become apparent. So for a short introduction. Hi, you can call me Aishlene, which is of course not my real name. I am a 21 year old collage student in Hungary, my native tongue is Hungarian, so i will have some mistakes in my English. Personality wise I am INFP and I don't believe in horoscope so you will not get my sign :P.

So, onto the journaling. The weather has been perfect today. Warm, slightly windy and dry I was almost sad I had no plans for the day. Luckily my grandmother heard in the TV that tomorrow will be rainy so she called around noon and we decided to go and work in the garden of her summer home for as long as we can. It's a tiny little house with paper-thin walls and a medium sized garden. It's still very early spring, but there were a lot of sprouts already and a lot of bulbous flowers were showing their leaves. My grandmother planted peas and radishes while I raked together the dry leaves and twigs that the previous storm littered the whole garden with. I also started to rake out the moss from among the grass but ther was a lot so I didn't get to far with it.

As we were driving to and fro, it was about half an hour, we listened to the radio. There was soo much talk about the Corona virus. We have 16 confirmed cases and one cured so far. Here in Hungary there is a lot of controversies about Covid-19. People running around buying tonnes of sugar and flour. Others saying that it's not a problem. Do we have enough masks or not? Maybe the problem is with me, but I am just soo tired of all the fuss going on. I can not help but think we will laugh at all this headless panicking by the end of the year. I mean, here in Hungary we were already laughing at the bat soup when it was news. People eat disgusting things and get sick. Who would have thought?

But enough of me being mean and sarcastic for one day. I have never been a diary writer so I don't know how many more entries I will write. But this has been fun and I hope to get back to you anon.

Written by Aislene

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