July 29, 2020


Have you ever had that warm feeling when you are watching or hearing something, a video, a performance or just an experience and you have some chills in your body and in the back of your head you hear that voice whispering to your soul "This is amazing, not only I could do this and I could come to love it ".

Well, this is actually a very common feeling that we all have. For me, as a curious person, it happens almost everytime I'm reading about someone cool, watching any video from a michelin awarded chef working to a proffesional mountain biker, or even just listening to someone perform. Almost everytime I get the same feeling "I could do that, I could love that" and I'm sure all of us have experienced this feeling before watching someone we admire like our parents or famous people.

This is the act of contemplation, a natural state of life that we all have deep inside our genes. We contemplate our world around us for different reasons but one of the most important is to understand. Understand how it's done and why something it's done is the first step to learn something that might help us in the future and the only way to do this is being a good observer.

In physics, there is a concept named "the pure observer" that is the ideal of a temporary physicist, as described by Isaac Asimov, "an observer that won't change anything in the studied system or phenomenon. Of course, this is just a concept as in real life exists the law that just by the act of observing something it already changed in some way. But, coming back to the theme, We all came to this earth first as true observers and there is beauty in that as we were made to see and try to understand our world and our environment.

I'm going to stop myself here as I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I'll plan it better on thursday.

This was a nice day, I did my simple tasks and still did some exercise in the afternoon. Because of my flaws, I got carried away with some videos from vegetta and assasin creeds (the guy is just Hilarious) and I lost like 30 to 40 min that I could have use right now to practice piano. So I wont be doing that today sadly.

Anyway, it wasn't that bad. I had a nice talk with my brother also, and I have to start selling more in my job.

This will count as the log from yesterday, which was my first day working from home (I love it BTW) and I'm getting a little bit use to my schedule now.

I hope you guys have a great too, the ones who read this blog post

Written by johanam

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