July 29, 2020

Weekly review Jul 19-26 (Soo yeah, lets do this again.)

So, a new template that I'll be following in my weekly reviews now. Is great, 

leaner and it's going to be easier to find ideas and things that I did or didn't do.

Anyway. This last week was really good. Starting again my job brought me a lot of 

different things to think about like the thing that I didn't want to come back to 

this job again, or where am I going to invest my money or even with what I'll do 

with my financial independence from my parents. 

I have answers (Hypothesis actually) for all of these ones but I'll try them later.

I was very productive actually and stuck a bit better to an improvised schedule

but at the same time, I use the week as my last vacation/rest time before my job 

really started (this week I'll start with the calls again) and before classes 

overwhelmed me like a cup under 10K meters of seawater.

Also great to see friends again, and yes I'm talking about Johana, really special girl, we click but somehow we don't connect in that romantic way (I guess). Or it might be that I have a MAYOR problem with relationships that I'll have to deal with in the future.

The great things that happened are listed below but mainly it was a relaxing and

self-discovery week as I reset my goals and myself into this new phase of my life.

The things to get better are also below but basically I don't want to write the same

stuff that I always write there (focus more, don't get distracted etc) but maybe some deeper stuff. Not sure

GLAD TO BE BACK and good luck to everyone. 

Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 29, 2020

Weekly reviews are nice, but I think a daily one also makes sense? I think a reasonable structure would be something like yearly goals > monthly goals > weekly goals > daily goals, and a review for each one, the daily review just being a journal entry. I think I might actually use something like that myself. I don't have any "yearly goals" but I really should, it makes sense to have them.

Posted On Jul 30, 2020

@JustMegawatt It's a great structure! I treat the daily goals and daily review in a different way, using MIT's (Most Important Tasks) as is just a really short period of time (I try to do also the 5 min journal from Tim Ferris). But the weekly and monthly reviews for me are precious. This is a great way to describe them from the famous Thomas Frank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlTrxpNaZI8
Thanks for the comment MegaWatt!
BTW, for the yearly goals or "long term goals" you can use this website https://www.futureme.org/ for a different way to try them for the first time. Is simply awesome! This second time I tried it I recorded a video for my future self and it will come to my email in 3 years. But you can start with a letter for one year (or less) from now.

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