July 29, 2020

A Little Smoother Day

I woke up super early again today (a little after 8am), but this time, it was on my own. My daughter must have just gotten home from work because I heard the shower going. The baby was asleep in my other daughters' room so I snuck downstairs to make coffee and feed the cats (the 10yo was still sleeping as well). I made it through an entire giant mug of coffee before the baby was brought into my room because apparently Mama peeked in to check on him and woke him up. Ugh.

So, I took him downstairs to get breakfast. Something easy because I'm still aching everywhere from all the work I did yesterday. I ended up just warming up an Eggo waffle and some sausage patties then gave him a banana. Didn't even bother putting him in the high chair--just left the plate of food on an end table in the living room. I'm sure my daughter would love that but no one cleaned up the high chair after dinner last night, and I wasn't in the mood to do it and then have to clean it again after breakfast. Work smarter, not harder, right?

While he was eating, I did the unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and emptied the trash can that was overflowing from clearing out the closet yesterday (thankfully tomorrow is trash day).

My back and knees were killing me so I decided to just chill on the couch for a bit and finish my coffee while playing in my phone. The baby was mostly playing with his toys while the 10yo was on the computer with some Five Nights at Freddy's songs playing (I now have them stuck in my head--ugh). It was pretty calm for the most part.

At 11am, I ran upstairs to take my pills, plugged my phone in and grabbed one of my knitting projects. The 14yo woke up around that time after watching the baby the night before and having him sleep in her room. We discussed whether it was nap time or lunch time and decided he'd probably sleep better if he ate first. Last night, I had started to make some stir fry for myself. I had cooked the meat but couldn't get the veggies out of the deep freeze because I was so tired. I was able to do that today so I cooked those up and made some sauce. He definitely had to sit in the high chair while eating rice or I would have been picking it out of the carpet for weeks.

As it was, he dumped half of it in his lap (he refuses to let people feed him more than one or two bites--he wants to do it himself). I had gotten his bowl ready before I finished cooking and adding the sauce to the veggies/meat, and by the time that was ready, he was done eating. So my food got cold while I cleaned him up then cleaned the high chair and the mess he made. Oh and helped the 14yo cook her own veggies to use the rest of the stir fry sauce I made.

But, after that, I didn't do too much. We watched more DuckTales (I swear, I created a monster with this show) while I knit.

At no point did the baby nap from the time he woke up around 9am until... I don't know. My husband came home around 3pm which meant I clocked out of babysitting duty. Around 8pm I went to go make some popcorn and found the baby sleeping on his mama's bed with the 14yo keeping an eye on him with their doors open. No idea how long he had been sleeping. His mother obviously put him to bed in there before she left for work.

Not long after that, the 14yo brought him in the room because she'd found him wandering in the hallway after waking up alone. I guess she took him downstairs and my husband gave him more of the stir fry for dinner. I assume the 14yo is now watching him in her room because my husband is going to bed.

So, a much better day today. I did get more than four hours of sleep, so that helped. Plus, I didn't try to do... anything. I'll most likely have to get up early again tomorrow with him, but he goes to his dad's on Thursdays. Not sure when he'll be picking him up. Could be right when my daughter gets home from work or later in the day. But no babysitting all weekend. I love that boy, but I'm wore out after just these two days.

I wish I could be that young, hip, energetic gramma that does all sorts of crafts and things with her grandkids, but I just don't have the energy. I'm basically in survival mode with him--make sure he eats, gets a diaper change and doesn't accidentally kill himself. I'd love to take him for walks (that was actually my dream after he was first born--to take him for daily walks to bond and also lose weight), but alas, that's not happening right now.

I'm still somewhat awake right now. I could possibly take a shower, but that would zap any energy I have. I'm leery about taking a bath with my husband asleep downstairs in case I have trouble getting out or something. I actually finished the knitting project I was working on earlier so I have nothing to work on. I don't know what to do now.

Written by justanotherjen

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