July 30, 2020

Order and Chaos

You can see life like this:

The two big sides of life spectrum "chaos and order". And yes, we can see this spectrum in many parts of our life, our productivity, love journey, social life, etc. But I want to analyze it from a faraway point of view, your goal on this earth.

On one side (Order) we have "Adam" (or his son "Abel") God gave him a specific task in Eden, to take care of everyone there and enjoy the place. The bible does not say this directly, but it implies that Adam was there for a lot of time, after all, he was immortal as the image of God, he had a purpose and he followed it for many years. The perfect example of complete order, no doubts, no intrigue or curiosity, no aspirations, not to much progress (he did some things like putting the names to the animals), etc. all until he was put asleep. Why? well, God knows that there is always room for improvement.

But with improvement came a risk. Risk of the fall down for humanity.

Now, I won't get into Eva as she is not the perfect example for the other side of the spectrum. On the other hand, "Cain" (Adam's son) rumbled the earth after failing his only important task on earth. Without purpose, without a company without a sense of morality or knowledge on why he failed he was condemned to walk the earth in shame and dishonor, the perfect example of complete chaos. 

First of all, sorry for starting the article like that if any of you is not into that is just the first way I thought of the two perfect examples of this.

We live our lives in the middle of this spectrum actually moving from one range to the other as we grow. Sometimes, on the peeks of excitement, we feel that we've found our goal, "this is what I'm here for", "I love doing this", "he/she is the one" and time cool us down and move us closer to the other state where we start thinking again about if it was the best decision.

Sometimes is the complete opposite, we have stages of our lives where we feel in the limbo (I love this word) where we don't know what to do, where are we, what is next, or even sometimes we ask ourselves who are we. This feeling of uncertainty shows us how far are we from finding order in our life and how close true chaos is from us.

Like a long bike journey, the up and down hills are the ones who conform most of the ride. We go through uphills that burn our thighs and take every breath that we have to keep going up through the rough ground, full of stones and long plants that hit us in the face, and sometimes we can't even see where does it end. We just have hope that it will end as no one likes to be mid chaos and suffer. 

But chaos and suffering are the means for improvement.

If everything were downhill bikers would never be able to improve and make longer and longer distances. Without suffering and chaos, we could never get to enjoy at all that beautiful part when you feel the slope declining little by little and your legs feeling the decrease in the effort, slowly reaching the point of movement without any effort and then the breeze in your face hitting you at the top of the mountain with that amazing view that it would be just good if you just took your car or an uber to that place BUT is unbelievable now, after what you went through. And then, you start again.

Written by johanam

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