Feb. 22, 2020

Keep Improving

Unusually I took an afternoon nap today, I usually can't do that but when I'm exhausted as today I just die for like an hour or two.It's really good but actually I think I should track those also, I don't do them to often but when I do it I'd like to think that I'm investing my time in other way.Another thing is that I believe that let me sleep even later than I usually do but that shouldn't be the case. I have to commit to my sleep standards and my waking up time, that's something really important that I'm working now.

Anyway, besides that I learned a couple of things today. Your job isn't going to be beautiful, sometimes you need to do it because you have goals and things that you want and for some people "Have to" achieve (At least I think that you should have a plan like that for your current job). But, sometimes, in some specific cases "enough is enough".I heard a long time ago (you sounded like a thousand years old there) one of the best definitions on the purpose of life, it was from Jordan Peterson and in his speech he said that "Responsibility" is the basic purpose in life. This really resonated with me and I think that can cover a huge field and you can take it in many different points of view, but to bring it to this concept, a job is part of the responsibility that you must have in your life, it creates something that moves you, and still shouldn't be the thing that controls you. If this job in a point of your life gets in the way of your principles, your personality or your really core you should move and start somewhere else. Change is good, Getting Better is about change!, but there are some things that should stay with you always and no job, no responsibility should take from you.

The other thing that I learned is about long term travelling from a guy named Nathaniel Drew, great option and for sure what I'll be doing in a couple of years. I love this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4-VErnEAq4" target="_blank"

Written by johanam

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