July 31, 2020

I love transcribing things (Max Joseph's version)

Transcribing music or just things that people said is a great way to learn something, but is a better way to share and teach too.

I saw the first videos of Max Joseph a couple of years ago and his storytelling style hooked me right away. Is unique, fresh (I would even call it a bit millenial as it spams your attention with many things) and I feel very related to it as is one inspiration of how I would love to write and tell stories in the future.

Anyway, today I rested a bit, read a little bit and watch videos mostly from Max Joseph, they are so good and informative. I even watch the movie "We are your friends" starring Zac Efron and Max as the Director. But one video that really resonates with me it's call "PERSISTENCE OF VISION" which I will transcribe right now the special part. (I'll leave the link at the bottom too if you don't want to read this).

"We decided to tell the story of the road you travel when you create something. The way it feels when you have a good idea, the way it evolves when it becomes real, the way you need to adapt with it, the way you charge forward. the way you count on your friends, the way you outrun obstacles.... the way you fight your inner demon and it's got you doubting your instincts, doubting your talents, doubting if you'll finish, doubting every decision you've ever made.

Until you're so fucking exhausted from banging your head against the wall that you just make peace with it, accept it, merge with it.

Now everything is clicking, and you're moving fast but you are in control. There are no doubts, no regrets, no fear, no anxiety and you're flying again and everything seems possible."

Amazing video, watch it if you can please!


Question: How to differentiate joy from cheerfulness? and How to feel joy in between the journey and monotonous tasks.

Answer: To be like a stoic we have to learn to react, not indeferently, but with huge emotional reactions to anything. And at the same time be in peace with yourself, of who you are, and in order enough to know what's the next step.

for the 2nd question Find joy in the little things and react without to much emotions to either good or bad news.

Written by johanam

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