Aug. 1, 2020

Feeling the change

Ok, this is going to be a short log.

Today was a very good day in my job, still loving working from home and I got a good amount of sales with nice conversion rate. I'm trying to improve on that so today I started my (analog) daily review TPG, that is my log for good things, things to get better and opportunities that I discovered today for my sales skills.

Also I worked a good amount of time in my productivity tools to have them sharp and ready for this coming months that are going to require a big effort from me with college and work. Then received my classes, nothing to interesting there, and practice my transcribed solo a few times.

I'm missing, almost the whole week, on practicing piano and It's just a matter of taking advantage of the time I got left at the end of the day after my job and my classes.

The scary part of this is that it keeps coming back to my mind that the things that I want to do and accomplish will take much more time than a simple job and some (very bad) classes from college. I'll be working in start ups, managing people, deciding important stuff and I won't have time for this little things that I enjoy like playing the piano, just scratching my ukulele and guitar from time to time, being very consistant with exercise, biking and running, cooking with my mom or just having a nice afternoon to read or watch some videos. I guess this are the sacrifficies that we have to make in life but I don't want to right now. I hope it changes in the future.....

Anyway, that was today. and the daily stoic for today was:

DAILY STOIC: "Your career is not a life sentence"

Question: How to prioritize my career without being an slave to it ?(actually this is what I was writing at the top)

Answer: Although, I'm still afraid about that in my future. Right now my answer is to really enjoy the little things that you still do outside your career, hobbies, friends and family etc and be thankful for them. But I still have to experience this so I'll update you on this. later

Written by johanam

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