July 31, 2020

Another Quiet Day

Didn't do much today. I had hoped to go to Joann's and Walmart for more yarn and other things we need, but it just didn't happen.

The morning was fine, although I'm still sore all over from the cleaning I did on Tuesday. I got some coffee and ate some of the cookies the 14yo made last night and worked on my knitting. But as often happens when I eat too much sugar, my blood sugar got all out of whack and decided to crash around lunch time. I tried to push through which is just dumb, really, but I didn't want to stop knitting even though I was already shaking horribly and having even harder time concentrating that normal.

Eventually, I had to go to the bathroom and gave up ignoring my hypoglycemia. My husband helped me get some lunch because I was having a hard time just walking, but I had eaten a few more cookies to try and boost my sugar quickly. The trick is to find actual food before my body eats up all of that sugar and I crash again. Yet another chronic illness I've been dealing with since I was a teen.

After I had lunch and sorted out my blood sugar, I was, again, hoping to go to Walmart at least, but I started feeling really sleeping which is pretty normal after I eat. I tried to continue knitting which was getting harder and harder because I was so tired. I thought maybe if my husband popped upstairs to check on me, I'd suggest Walmart, and I would nap in the car on the drive over, but he never came upstairs, and by 1pm, it was pretty obvious I was in no condition to go anywhere.

So I settled in to knit more. At this point, the temperature in my room started to climb. It was in the mid-80s today, I think. I had my fan in my window which was now sucking hot air into the room. My head was pounding so I didn't want to get up. Eventually, like my blood sugar, I couldn't ignore it anymore. And I had to use the bathroom again. So I took something for the headache and went downstairs to see if we could turn the air conditioner on because I couldn't deal with the heat and my headache and the fatigue all at once.

Since I was already down there, I ended up making a quick dinner of spaghetti and frozen meatballs.

My head started to feel a little better as the Aleve kicked in and the house cooled down. Since dinner, I've just been knitting and watching Netflix. I finally finished up Kipo and have started my rewatch of Umbrella Academy as the new season dropped today. My 17yo said we were going to do a marathon today but then she left to babysit (or something). So I'm watching alone. As always.

That was my day. I guess it was better than most as I wasn't crippled by depression or anxiety and didn't feel completely useless like I often do. It was pretty boring.

Now I'm stuck going to Walmart on a Saturday. Again. I hate shopping. I especially hate shopping on weekends. Ugh. But besides the yarn (the brand I need is only found at Walmart), we need cat food and some ingredients for the pork chops I'm supposed to make tomorrow. Of course, if I go shopping tomorrow, I doubt I'll have the energy to actually cook the pork chops later in the day so I'll have to make something else.

Written by justanotherjen

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