Aug. 3, 2020

Weekly Review july 26-aug 2 "The new beginning (goals, investment, preparation for next stage)"

This week is my new beginning, this is how I might be at least for a year.

 Working in the mornings, studying in the afternoons, doing something else here and there like taking some other courses, learning piano, writing etc. But yes, at this time that I'll be doing this I want to write here my goals in this time-bound. One of the most important right now is to earn money and invest most of it in crypto, super important, expecting a grow of 10X in 2 years so I want to put an initial amount of Q50K and after that put 50% of my earnings in the corrections throughout this time. That's the most important because of the very probable profits to then invest them in a new startup. 

That's the reason I started working again in this place, I got really lucky about getting in again and I'll try my best to stay in it and give good numbers. Anyway, the other reason is that I couldn't work with my family (especially my dad) in his company, so I need to earn money in another way a little bit faster than it would take by creating another company. Is basically a sacrifice on my goals and dreams but it has a great risk-reward.

The other goal is to see where my writing is going to take me, should I do just blogs, some stories, how can I grow, etc. because I'm really liking it. And the last thing, but still very important is to finish my career in less than a year from now so I can leave for the next stage of my life.

So, yes week was a new beginning, I did quite average in my job, a bit ungrateful in my classes but pretty good in productivity. I tried good, but still not my best "we will see when you give your best" and I will in the future. I still have some distractions but a bit less so I'll try to choke them.

Written by johanam

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