Aug. 4, 2020

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This is a transcript from a great video (the website erased my first log so I'll just copy this)

But eventually, it will break. Eventually, so will YouTube. So will everything. Entropy, the steady decline into disorder that’s a fundamental part of the universe…

…entropy will get us all in the end. And that’s why I chose to film this here. The White Cliffs of Dover are a symbol of Britain, they are this imposing barrier, but they’re just chalk. Time and tide will wash them away, a long time in the future. This, too, shall pass. but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build things anyway.

Just because something is going to break in the end, doesn’t mean that it can’t have an effect that lasts into the future. Joy. Wonder. Laughter. Hope.

The world can be better because of what you built in the past. And while I do think that the long-term goal of humanity should be to find a way to defeat entropy,

I’m pretty sure no-one knows where to start on that problem just yet. So until then: try and make sure the things you’re working on push us in the right direction.

They don’t have to be big projects, they might just have an audience of one. And even if they don’t last: try to make sure they leave something positive behind.

And yes, at some point, the code that’s updating the title of this video will break. Maybe I’ll fix it. Maybe I won’t.

But that code was never the important part.

DAILY STOIC "The good life is anywhere"


Can I feel myself developing life and like the books say - The place to do your work, to live a good life, is here- In Guatemala in my country?


Very complex answer. I love my country but I feel that I don't belong, that I was born for more, more experiences, opportunities, challenges. More things to contemplate, admire, and learn in my life than just in one country, any country. I believe that I was born to live in a state of discomfort and frugality. I'm sure, I'll settle one day, but today is not that day.

Written by johanam

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