Aug. 3, 2020

A Netflix Kind of Day

Today started a little rough but turned out okay. I decided to make coffee right off the bat which is always risky. Sure enough the kitchen was a disaster which meant something like making coffee turned into a huge ordeal that completely wore me out for the rest of the morning.

First, the sink was a mess. The garbage disposal is broken but the dishwasher drains into it so every time we run the dishwasher, it backs up that sink. Somoene had left dishes in it and they were now coated in gunk from the dishwasher (ick). So I had to clean that up which clogged that side of the sink again but they had also piled a bunch of dishes into the other side of the sink (no dishes should be in the sink because of one side not really working--they belong on the counter or in the dishwasher). But I couldn't move that stuff out of the sink because the counters next to the sink were already covered in haphazardly piled dishes. And I couldn't load them into the dishwasher until I unloaded it first.

By the time I even got to the coffee pot, I was exhausted. But I needed to clear out the sink so I could rinse the pot and fill it with water. Then when I went to dump the old grounds, the garbage was overflowing all over so half of them spilled on the floor that I had to clean up. Oh, and there was already water all over the counter from the coffee machine (I don't know why--it doesn't happen when I use it) that i had to clean up.

When the coffee was finally done, I was completely worn out and didn't even want it anymore. My back was killing me from bending over the dishwasher and picking stuff up. But the dishwasher got loaded and the sink was cleaned. I even dumped a bunch of baking soda and vinegar down the garbage disposal side to clear it out a little so it would drain better.

After that, I went upstairs and was mostly goofing off online, trying to decide what to watch on Netflix while I knit when the 17yo came in and wanted to finish our Umbrella Academy marathon, but the 14yo was using the TV downstairs so we were stuck watching on my laptop. Of course, my soundbar broke, so you can barely hear anything with my crappy built-in speakers. We talked through most of two episodes, lol, but then my husband got home and right after my new soundbar was delivered. YAY SOUND!

We made it to the first episode of season two but then she left to do other stuff, and I finally decided to eat something. By then it was dinner time. I made a plate of leftovers and checked my social media. Boring stuff. I was once again, trying to decide what to watch (since I can't continue Umbrella Academy without my daughter) when the 10yo came in wanting to watch Voltron because my husband went to bed already and told him to get off the computer.

I told him we could watch until 10:30 because I needed to do my writing. It was a little after 9pm at that time. But, once again, someone shoved my grandson (who just got back from his dad's house earlier today) into my room and shut the door, leaving him crying and whining. The 10yo spent a half hour entertaining him. I was just annoyed because ever since he got home, people have just been tossing him in here. His mother was complaining about how she hasn't seen him since Thursday and has to work all day tomorrow and how she really won't get to see him much now with two jobs then immediately gave him to someone else to watch so she could clean stuff. I mean, it's great she's finally getting her crap cleaned up, but she should have done that before he got home or some other time and maybe spent some time with him. That's all he wanted. I think he spent more time with his aunts, uncle and grandparents than with her.

She finally got him out of my room at 10-something. In the end, I let my son stay up until 11pm to watch the first episode of season 2.

So, it's been a pretty chill day. Just watching Netflix and knitting. Other than the annoyance of the baby being dropped in my room without being asked if I wanted to watch him--oh, and his mother coming in earlier in the day and just rambling on and on while we were trying to watch TV (rambling about this guy at work that just talks all of the time and can't take a hint when people don't want to listen to him--the irony was completely lost on her).

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get a few more episodes of Umbrella Academy in, but I also have to drive over to the library to drop off my election ballot. Then we're stopping at the store to get potatoes for soup. Then I'll have to actually make the soup and also bake some sourdough. Of course, before I can make bread, I have to scrub the counters because no one ever cleans up after themselves. Nothing is simple for me. I can't just make coffee or bake bread. There's so much stuff I have to do first just so I can complete a simple task. It's so frustrating when I have such limited energy. I spend it all in the cleaning up before hand. Then there's nothing left to do what I actually wanted to do.

Wednesday, I have my psych appointment and will hopefully stop at Walmart on the way home. I told the 10yo maybe I'll pick up sandwich stuff for the picnic we never go to go on then when I get back IF I'm not too tired, we can walk up the very steep hill to the little grassy park and have lunch. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it as the stress of the doctor and just walking around the store will wear me out, but I'm going to try. The next chance we'll get his Friday because it's supposed to rain Thursday and even Friday will be iffy.

Written by justanotherjen

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