March 14, 2020

New Feature: Organizer / To Dos

We published a new feature today called the Organizer that allows users to organize and prioritize their life. For now, the main feature for this is a To Do list. Users can add a To Do item and set a required due date, and then it will show up in their Organizer as an item for them to complete. The due date is required because it's part of the S.M.A.R.T. goals ideology, where a due date needs to be set to increase the likelihood of it's completion.

When a user adds a To Do, the format is intelligent and reads out loud like they are talking to themselves, further increasing the likelihood of it's completion. For example here is one of my To Dos I added and intelligently formatted:

"I need to publish a post for the new organizer / to do feature by March 14, 2020"

As a fun social feature, users can display their To Dos in the public To Dos page. By default the To Dos are set to public, and so they will show up on the public page, but users can always make their To Do private if they don't want others to see it.

Please let us know any feedback in the comments or if you run into any issues or have any request for features. Thanks!

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Mar 15, 2020

thanks for the feature! just fyi, I keep getting a "Error 500: Server Error" when trying to upload a new photo. possibly because I wanted the photo to be private, but attached to a public journal entry?

(P.S. you should post more photos, if you want. I feel like I've been flooding the public photo gallery with my stuff haha)

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