Aug. 4, 2020

New Feature: Projects

As a way to better organize To Dos, a new feature called Projects has been added. Projects can be thought of as folders that store to dos, and so it makes organizing tasks much easier. Projects are very open ended and have an optional due date, so you can set long term projects or short term ones. Projects can also be marked as completed once you complete a project, by editing the project and changing the status to "Done".

We are also relaxing some of the requirements for To Dos and are no longer requiring a Due Date. The verbiage of "I Need To" has also been removed. So the To Dos and Projects should now be open-ended enough to fulfill any planning need.

Let us know your feedback with using these new features, or if you run into any issues with these new updates or have any requests for changes.

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Aug 09, 2020

I haven't said it before because I thought it might be not easy to do, but now thinking of it it shouldn't be that hard? (I don't know about programming, i just assume it's a simple check- thingie, please excuse me if I'm wrong). The views. It counts a view when I click on my own entry to look how it looks like or something. It would be nice if that could be considered for the counter, if the author of the entry clicks on it that nothing happens with the counter. If that's not possible for some reason, I'll just click on the entry if i want to know how many have seen it and substract one, that wouldn't be a problem 😉😊

Posted On Aug 11, 2020

Has the picture changes? Wasn't there once an image of tree logs at the top of the page? Heh, "logs", doesn't that fit to the log page...
Or have I seen that somewhere else 🤔

Posted On Aug 12, 2020

@Plesi` Yeah the views counter can be adjusted to make it so that the author doesn't contribute a view, great idea.

The logs pages still shows logs. If you make a new log, new log entry, or are viewing logs, you'll see logs at the top of the page. It changes depending on which page you visit :)

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