March 13, 2020

Friday 13th (no unlucky stuff happening though)

Well hello again,

A quiet, dark and cloudy morning greeted us today here in Budapest. Not that I am complaining by any means, I love the calm moody days sometimes even more than cheery sunny ones.

In other news, my dear father came back from his business/ training trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. He is not much for trips organized by the company, so he was hoping it would be cancelled due to all the panicking over the virus, but he had no such luck. Overall, he had a nice time abroad. He mentioned, that the weather was a lot like in the UK only a bit colder. So yeah, soggy and cold. The funny thing is that there is no such thing as a weather condition not fit for cycling in the minds of the locals. Whether it pours or shines if you have to be someplace, you get on your bike.

As the week went on, the Covid situation got taken more seriously. Today when he returned and the plane stopped to transfer in Warsaw, Poland already introduced a state of emergency so two police officers got up on the plane and checked everyone's temperature before letting them off. It took a lot of time and he missed the next plane but got home safely in the end. Fun fact, on paper Hungary is in a state of emergency as well, but in practice, nothing is done. No one asks any questions or checks anything. If you want to come to the country, be our guest. A video started going around the internet where a truck driver comes back to the country from Italy, by Austria and the officers on the border told him to just be quiet about where he comes from. And as an afterthought asked him if he had any symptoms. In stark contrast to the government's lack of care, a lot of people still flock to the shops to buy nonperishables and toilet paper. There is already less traffic on the streets, but it is not too drastic.

On a more personal note, I have been doing my best to find alternative ways to keep busy. I picked up German on Duolingo, restarted world history on Khan Academy and downloaded Habitica for a fun way of keeping track of everything. Doing a bunch of stuff is the best idea I had so far when it comes to battling the looming depression that comes with being inside four walls for a long time.

Written by Aislene

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