Aug. 4, 2020

Not a Bad Day

Today went better than the last few days.

Got up a little late but not aching too much, no headache and the swelling in my legs and fingers has gone down some. That's always nice.

I made some coffee (which I never got to drink) and heated up what was left in the pot then went back to my room because the site I do my other writing on ( had an update. I spent the morning organizing quests and doing a little journaling about the update and my plans for writing this week. I was also mentally making a list of all the things I wanted to do today--mostly cleaning my room. Oh, I also threw a load of laundry in the washer which I just now remembered needs to be put in the dryer. So there's that.

I never got around to my mental chore list because my husband got home from work right when I finally refilled my coffee cup with the fresh coffee I made this morning. But then we needed to go drop our ballots off (Washington state primary election). I thought we were going to just pop over to the library downtown then stop at the grocery store on the way home to buy some stuff for dinner. Should have taken half hour tops, but instead we drove all the way out to the Target by the mall (passing the one much closer to us). He said it was so I could get out of the house since I rarely ever leave and the farthest from home I've been is Walmart.

I had also mentioned my one pair of jeans that fit ripped in the crotch as did one of my capri pants and one of my shorts I usually sleep in but also wear a lot in the summer. I've gained so much weight that the new jeans I bought a couple years ago when all of the others got too big no longer fit comfortably and my old ones (that were always big) are starting to get tight--ugh. So I got a new pair of jeans and two t-shirts. We also found a set of plates, bowls and cups for our grandson. We've been using the same kids' plastic dishes since I bought them at Walmart in 2001 or 02. All of the plates have gone missing in the last few years and we've got like one or two bowls left and no cups. Just a few years ago, we had quite a few left, but they keep disappearing somehow. Only the 10yo really uses them anymore because the other kids are too big. So, yeah, I found a matching set. The cups even have lids with reusable straws that can't be pulled out (those will be for when he gets a little older, though, as they're not spill-proof).

After Target, we finally stopped by Joann's because it was on the way home. Of course, the sale that I wanted to hit last week was over so all of the deals I could have gotten were gone. I didn't get any of the yarn I had planned because it was too expensive. Instead, I settled on their cheap stuff in a bunch of colors I liked together (grays, greens and pinks mostly). I also managed to find some burnt orange and blue for the sweater so I can finally really get to work on it.

We got home at dinner time so I didn't get to make the soup or bread I had planned. I ended up heating up leftover pork chops and was settling down to write this journal when the 17yo came in wanting to finish our Umbrella Academy marathon. I wasn't doing anything so we got to watching while I worked on the sweater.

I finally kicked her out at 11:45pm (it is now after midnight on the 5th... whoops).

I did screw up my writing earlier. The other site I use is gamified where you fight monsters while you write, and I forgot I had a battle going when we left to drop off our ballots. I could have finished it if we'd just come home, but we didn't so I lost the battle and messed all of my plans up.

And like I said, I never got to any of the chores I wanted to do. I really need to straighten things up because stuff keeps getting knocked over near my chair, drinks spilling on yarn, no place to put paper, etc. And the litter box in the bathroom desperately needs cleaned.

So, yeah, today was pretty good. I got more yarn and some new clothes (hopefully they fit) and we nearly finished our marathon (3 more episodes to go). I still feel okay. Of course, I was sipping on that cold coffee all evening which probably wasn't the best idea since I have to be to the doctor by 10:45am tomorrow which means leaving around 10:15 which means getting up by 9am so I can take a shower and get ready. Then stop at Walmart on the way home. I told the 10yo I'd pick up picnic supplies and hopefully will have the energy to go up the hill for lunch but I don't know. The doctor is probably going to stress me out.

Which reminds me, I still need to make a list of all the meds I've been on. Well, the ones I can remember because there have been so many.

Okay, now my anxiety is up thinking about. Ugh. Maybe I'll go take a shower now and go to bed early.

Written by justanotherjen

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