Aug. 5, 2020

FUTURE ME (quick copy paste)

Today came my email from myself one year ago.

This beautiful platform allows you to send yourself an email with anything you want to you in the future. Today came mine from last year and it was very very comforting. I'll leave here if you want to read it, is very motivational.


A lot has changed my friend.

Everything is new now, remember, Watson it was the introduction or Prologue to your real life, the life that you want to live.

You are not the same as a year ago, and that is GREAT.

Like a couple of mentors told to you "if you reflect and you see yourself doing the same, thinking the same or just feeling the same as one year ago... You are doing something wrong."

A lot happened this year.

You conquered the sky by traveling like crazy. You became an international guy. You learned about the most important things in life (people, friends). You cleared your mind and discovered your thing. You work your ass out to be better every day. You built something that nobody can take you from (relationships). You have a clearer path.

A lot of things are coming.

Just keep doing it. Stay with that mindset and work on yourself. Keep building relationships. Keep growing each day. Keep working your ass out but don't forget what you've learned. Don't forget about what is important for you and keep clearing that path more and more while you walk on it until is bright and shiny and you can run through it instead of stumbling and worrying where are you going.

Just keep working, don't get distracted by anything and focus on your goals now that you have them.

Well, now to try this,

-I like you found a place that you found to live for your last period here in Guatemala. I love that you are already packing stuff and enjoying these last days with your family, I really like the place and the price of the place that you found!

- Congrats!!! You finish paying your debt of Q3660 monthly! and really close to finishing paying your motorcycle.

- You're doing a great job at your job, you are being recognized by some of the top guys there and they are considering the opportunity for you to grow a bit in the company.

- Plastic Fever is going very well, finally, you're settled with the process and having good earnings from sells and you are looking what is the best way to grow and to start doing the bricks for your dad. (hopefully, you already have them)

- Guys in Boulder well.... I hope they are doing fine.

- Actually and happy that the blogg is going well and start looking how to monetize it

- You are nurturing your relationships, great communication with friends, family etc.

- You keep doing your hobbies here and there but a bit constant.

But most important if one of these is not working right now DON'T WORRY!!! You are still young and full of ideas, energy and willing to accomplish your long term goals!

Love you man and keep working Please, dont surrender, you are doing fine


Written by johanam

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