Feb. 22, 2020

Long Week

The end of a long week feels amazing.

Here in Guatemala I keep hearing people ranting about almost everything. Statistics says that Guatemala is one of the happiest countries in the world, but I really believe that there is one big reason for this, ignorance. And I really don't wanna trash talk about my own country, but I confidently believe that I was born with a different mindset as most people here.

Ok, this is what I hear the most "There is no way to do that", "We can't live like that", "I don't have money to do that". And my favorite one (I mean, the one that I hate the most) "It's a peaceful life". In my experience, many people in Guatemala prefer a job that gives them weekends off than just one day off because is to stressful, doesn't matter that they are complaining about the money after the first months. We are always complaining about something as humans in general. But I'm digressing.

After a long week my mind and body confirms that I love to be tired after the day. I love to feel the days as they passed so fast, but at the same time when you look back, you did so much in each day, you look right now and you see that you already accomplish a lot, and finally you see in front of you and you see that there is a lot more waiting for you there. I try not to complain, not to engage in confrontations or to get stressed because life keeps going and as the great Stoics of the past said, there are things that you can't control (actually everything but your mind), so just flow like the river that after a long time smooths rock after rock through consistency in it's own path, you will have to work and work and work until that goal of yours is smooth and shaped in the way you want and you keep going to next one.

AIM FOR MANY LONG AND HARD WEEKS when you look back at them

Written by johanam

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