Aug. 7, 2020


Today was my rest day, I did the things that calm me and what I enjoy doing.

Ride my bike almost 30 km, read a little bit, watch a movie and some episodes of The mentalist. Really good day in general. At the end, right before I wrote this I was watching the end of the movie of Richie Valens and it almost got me crying that end, where the radio announce his dead because of an airplane. he was only 17 years old, and that end where the mom cries herself out, the brother is strong enough to comfort her but after the funeral, and the last scene of the movie, the brother remembers one last moment with Richie and shouts his name to the air in impotence. It hurt me especially because it's almost the same way as one of my favorite books ends, the saga of Eragon, where Eragon leave forever his brother shouts his name the same.

Just after that scene credits came and with that the song of "La Bamba" Richi's greatest hit. And that made me think a really special thing.

"Memento Mori" is one phrase that I'm pounding a lot this days, to be more thoughtful of my self, who am I and what is my purpose here. "To exert myself" would be one of the best purposes I've found and I have a lot of thought to give yet (my whole life, actually). But now this movie made me think about what's going to be my legacy. By finding our purpose we will have a legacy by default or that's another thing that we have to start building starting from now.

Richi Valens died just like that but he left a legacy that endured years, was that his purpose? I don't think so, he just worked his ass off. Did his job in this earth, enjoyed it, it seems, but with that he left something bigger than himself.

I would love to accomplish that one day.

Death, life. Doesn't matter, to accomplish our purpose in this earth, to do the task at hand. That will bring real joy, peace and with time and effort, legacy.


Just a couple of quotes from today and yesterday's daily stoics:

  • "Focus your entire effort on the little bit of room, a tiny Scrap of an opportunity, is your best shot"...."If it's humanly possible, you can do it"
  • "The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish... blow past opportunities, ignore feedback etc. SILENCE is key"

Written by johanam

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