Aug. 7, 2020

Definitely PMS

So the irritability and flipping out on everyone yesterday was definitely PMS. I need to get back to the doctor so she can put me back on the birth control so I only have to deal with his every ten weeks instead of ever four because it sucks. Thankfully, I was much calmer today.

I started my new med with dinner last night. I believe it was recommended to take with dinner because it can make you sleepy? so the idea is to take it closer to bed time and as it kicks in, you get more tired and by bed time, you're ready to sleep. Problem is we eat dinner around 5-6pm because my husband goes to bed around 8pm on work nights. So I ended up taking the pill at about 6pm last night and was in bed by 11pm (normally, I'm up until 1 or 2am).

BUT it might just have been the chronic fatigue. I had been tired and dragging most of the day. And eating just makes me sleepy anyway. So far tonight, I feel fine. I ate dinner around 6:30pm, and I don't feel any more tired than I normally do so hopefully it doesn't have a negative effect because I can't take something that's going to make me even more tired during the day. I can barely function as it is.

I also took the gabapentin before bed and slept pretty good I think. I woke up to use the bathroom at some point but went right back to sleep, and I vaguely remember my door opening but then quietly closing again (that was my son visiting after work--haven't seen him in weeks). I ended up forcing myself out of bed around 10am because I had slept long enough, but I wanted to keep sleeping.

Again, I have no idea if this was an effect of the new meds or just because I was so tired and haven't been sleeping well. Gabapentin never made me drowsy in the morning which is why I kept taking it when I was on it the first time (unlike Trazadone which can knock me out for half the next day).

It took a while for me to wake up enough to do anything. It got a little better when my husband brought some coffee.

I tried to straighten up my room a bit (picked up my grandson's toys and some other random stuff on the floors, put a few things away on the desk that had just been sitting there, etc) but spent most of the day organizing my embroidery floss. Twenty-one years ago, when I first met my husband, he bought me pretty much one of every color they had at our Walmart because I guess they were cutting back on the colors offered (at the time, they had a huge selection). They were all like $.20 so a good deal even back then. Each week, I'd by like $10 worth until I had bags full. Add that to what my mom had stashed that I inherited when she died, and I have a pretty big collection.

But I let my kids use it to make friendship bracelets so a bunch of them were pulled apart, tangled together, and had lost their numbers (ugh). I have a cross-stitch project I've been wanting to work on since about April and finally got some Aida cloth. So I sorted out and listed all of the colors I have. I even went through old, unfinished projects and scavenged floss from them. I still don't have every color I need (some are new that didn't exist 20+ years ago), but I have enough to start. So after dinner, I worked on that.

Of course, the lighting in my room sucks, and the oldest stole my table lamp so she can paint. It was a lot easier to cross stitch when I was younger and could see, lol. I have progressive bifocals but at the distance where I can clearly see the cloth, everything is tiny and hard to see anyway. If I move it closer, everything gets blurry unless I look under the edge of my glasses. But then my eyes start hurting from the strain so I need to take my glasses off. But if I do that, I can't see the pattern which is on my computer screen. I can't win. Sigh. I got a little bit done, though. I haven't cross-stitched in about 10 years I think.

All in all, a better day than most. Tomorrow, it's picnic time with the 10yo. My husband said he'd drop us off at the waterfront park in town where lots of people hide painted rocks. There's a large grassy area so hopefully we can claim a space without getting to close to people and then walk the path. The problem is this is a popular walking path, it's summer and the weather is supposed to be great. There will probably be tons of people so we might have to skip the walk to avoid getting close to anyone. Stupid pandemic.

Maybe we'll just walk part of the way home, and I'll let him Pokemon hunt with my phone.

Written by justanotherjen

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