Aug. 9, 2020

The good fear


The word itself is betraying and hard to read. We live in a world full of fearful situations that push us in the path of cozines and convenience where change seems like the enemy and challenges are a minefield that we avoid. Moreover, this fears of change and discomfort increases as we grow older because our body get use to comfortableness and stability that we seek fiercely through out our lives.

Some of this are real alerts to move us from the wrong path, but, most of them are actually signs that the hard path is the one we have to take. Many of this situations when we experience fear and our brain sends that natural order to hide, run away or just don't do what we're about to do, is actually a natural hint that something great is going to happen, and we will trigger that something. Whatever it is, from raising your hand to ask a question, standing up for yourself or someone else, talking in front of a crowd or a few people, jumping from that cliff to the deep blue waters, asking for a date or a kiss, clicking the publish button of your first video, post or blog, ANYTHING.

This is something I wrote really quick for my future me that I send every year and this one was the inspiration of this post:

It is time man. It finally is, you can do it. The fear that you're feeling is the best part, embrace it and remember those beautiful times when you felt that, the first time in front of a large crowd, the first time talking with important people, making friends and giving a romantic step once. The first time moving out and living abroad and the first time moving out for good from your parent's (actually this couple of months).

Those were the times when you felt alive. Completely terrified but more alive than ever. And whether you succeeded or not, you learned something. And that feeling it was bigger than anything else in your life. That's why you're here for. To exert yourself.

Yes, this is the short message that I would give you here. You're here to exert yourself, that means, be afraid, embrace that and then continue, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.


Written by johanam

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