Aug. 11, 2020

Over and over and over

This what life s full of. Routine, monotonous tasks without taste or emotions. Like nice piece of pizza without any salt in the ingredients.

That's why we go around looking for something, that salt that will give flavor even to those tiny tasks that we believe are so hard to endure, even when we feel trap. We are looking, and that is life. The combination of both.

That's why, when we grow, the little things start to shine more and we crave for those tiny beautiful things, a run in the morning, going for a bike ride, reading a nice book, enjoying time with family and friends. The monotonous crappy things that we live help us to enjoy this things even more.

My day was like that basically. I couldn't do much, I didn't sell to much and I know how this is going to be the next day and the next one and all the next days till I uqit, but I find peace in those little moments that I enjoy (singing a song, spending time with family, playing piano or reading a book), and I find hope in the things that this job or the monotonous tasks that I'm doing will bring me in the future (money for investments, a career, a clearer future).

Written by johanam

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Posted On Aug 11, 2020

Yeah life is very monotonous and repetitive, that's a very common complaint among the working class. Work is the same thing day in and day out for years. Btw pizza would still taste great without any salt since the tomato sauce and bread give it a lot of flavor.

Posted On Aug 20, 2020

Hey MegaWatt, long time no see (I should probably check other posts in these websites to Jaja).
I'm sure there is a way to feel the spicy flavor in life once in a while and that may fill us until the next one and so and so. Not sure how it works but we can only find out by doing the boring thing first right? And about the pizza sounds right, nice components can replace others. Is like I never imagined pizza without meat before (ham, pepperoni, ground meat or whatever we eat a lot of that here) but then I tried a nice margarita and I loved it. You have a nice point there. Thank you for the comment man!!!

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