Aug. 10, 2020

Another Short Entry

Another quick entry, mostly because I'm so tired right now, I can barely stay awake. I can hear my bed calling to me.

I got up early today--like before 9am. Haven't done that in a awhile. I didn't take a gabapentin last night and went back to the anxiety pills I was taking to help me sleep. I actually slept, but work up feeling groggy and like I didn't sleep. Whereas I wasn't sleeping most of the night with the sleeping pill, but waking up feeling okay. I can't seem to win.

I warmed up some coffee and worked on my cross stitch. Around 10:30am, I realized I never took my meds with dinner yesterday. I'm used to taking stuff when I get up or at an exact time (with my alarm set to remind me) or before bed. I don't eat dinner at the same time every day (or at all some days) so I can't set a timer. I always remember before or as I'm getting my food, but in the time it takes to start eating, I forget. In fact, after informing several people while I was getting my dinner tonight that I forgot last night, I still forgot to take the pill while I was eating my dinner (took it like a half hour later).

I did get some work done today. Around 12:30pm, I decided I was going to go pull weeds along the side of the house so the HOA will quick complaining. Plus I can't stand how it looks. I rarely go outside so I didn't know how bad it was until we were walking home from the park the last two days. Ugh. We don't have much of a yard. Our house is on the corner, but it's raised up above the sidewalk so there's a retaining wall all around the property. You can't really see how bad the rest is because it's up higher. But at the bottom of the wall is a small bed of rocks and it's full of weeds. Also the rocks fall onto the sidewalk and get kicked all over.

So I started at the back of the property, picked up all the rocks, swept the leaves and other debris and pulled weeds from the rock bed. I was out there an hour before my husband came home from work and sent the kids to help. The 17yo was the only one to do anything. She emptied my bucket of weeds, filled my water, swept and then helped pull weeds. The 10yo drank my water and whined until I told him to go inside if he wasn't going to be helpful. The 14yo came out and picked plums from our tree.

At that point, the heat was starting to get to me so I had to go inside. I think the girls stayed out and cleared more weeds. I'm hoping to go out again tomorrow if I have the energy and I'm not too sore from today. I'll definitely get out there earlier before it gets too hot.

That's the most I've done in months even if I only cleared about 10 feet and didn't get to the part that had the most weeds. Then there's the upper level next to the house with the bushes that need trimming and more weeds to pull. All in direct sunlight. I also found a power washer the previous owners left. Not sure if it works. I think I accidentally got water on the motor because it kept shutting down. I'll try again tomorrow after it's dried out.

After the yard work, I came into the nice air-conditioned house and went back to my cross stitch. I tried to watch The Last Jedi again but the 10yo got kicked off the computer and was bored. He wanted to watch Voltron so that's all I've done today. I was so tired, too.

Now I just want to go to bed but need to finish all of these tasks I would have normally done while we were watching TV. Ugh.

But at least I feel like I accomplished something today.

Written by justanotherjen

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