March 15, 2020

You can now tag users in comments and get notifications!

When someone posts a comment on your journal entry, you will now get a notification automatically. It should appear as a red number next to the Dashboard link in the menu bar. When you visit the dashboard, it will mark the notification as viewed, and will disappear from your notifications. If notifications disappear too fast for most users, we will update it so that you have to manually delete the notification before it disappears.

You can tag someone in from any comment by simply writing their name after an "@" symbol. For example: "@ayearagotoday" in any comment would tag this user and then I would get a notification on my dashboard. The tagging is case insensitive, so you don't have to copy the capitalization of my username to tag this account properly. You can just do @ayearagotoday or @AYearAgoToday, any method will work.

For users that have a symbol in their name, you do have to include that symbol for them to be tagged properly. If they have a complicated or long name, they will be harder to tag since you do have to write it all out and any typos will make it so that they don't receive the notification properly. We'll work on an easy way to tag other users in the future.

Please let us know any issues, comments, feedback, or suggestions you have regarding this or any other site feature.

Written by AYearAgoToday

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Posted On Mar 15, 2020

I will test this @dennis

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