Aug. 15, 2020

An Actual Day of Rest

So my day of taking a break wasn't much of a break because I did laundry all day long. I lost track of how many loads I actually did. I think it was about five loads of kids' stuff (from the garage and that I found in the laundry room) and towels then finally I did a load of my own laundry right before bed. I was already so sore from working the past four days in the yard and garage that it didn't offer much reprise.

Today, I ended up doing even less which was probably for the best because of the aforementioned soreness. I did do some laundry, but that was early in the day and minimal. I transferred my load to the dryer and threw in another load of stuff I found in my closet and then later I did a load of my husband's laundry. I still need to wash my bedding but never got around to it today because after I put my husband's stuff in the dryer, I just vegged out all day.

I guess it helped that it was too hot to do anything. We put the air on by noon when it was nearly 90F outside already. I just sat in my nice cool room, watching knitting videos on YouTube and cross stitching. I found the videos soothing, and they gave me ideas for knitting projects I might not have tried otherwise. They also affirmed my knitting methods (I'm self-taught from books) and showed me some new techniques.

I actually got up before 7am this morning. Not sure what's up with that I spent years getting up between 11am and 1pm then finally got myself onto a schedule this past year where I was waking between 9 and 11am most days. The last three days I've been up before 8am. Today was the earliest. Woke up a little after 6:30am because I had to use the bathroom and just never went back to bed. I went to bed at midnight. Apparently, I can survive on seven hours of sleep each night.

I'm starting to lean towards my new meds working and causing this burst of energy/motivation, but it's still too early to tell if this will stick. I had planned to do more today, but was distracted by my cross stitching. I kept saying I'd clear out the hall closet after this set of stitches or whatever but then would move on to something else in the pattern. I eventually ran out of the color I was using, and since I didn't get to Joann's, I'm kind of stuck.

Anyway, I'm feeling better during the day, although, I need to stop waiting until so late to do my journal entry because by this time of night (almost 11:30pm), I'm so exhausted from the long day, I can't remember what I did and can't picture not feeling this tired tomorrow. It's hard to write about my good day or my plans for tomorrow when this feels so much like the chronic fatigue I've been suffering from that didn't go away in the morning. This, though, has been going away when I wake up.

My plan for tomorrow is to clean the kitchen up. Not sure how far I'll get. Not necessarily because of fatigue but because I get annoyed at the fact I'm having to clean up a mess I didn't make--it's my husband and kids that leave the mess sit for days until I (or the 17yo usually) finally cleans it up. It's frustrating and makes me super angry so I give up. I want to at least get the dishes done and the counters/stove cleaned off. Maybe pick up the baby's toys that are still all over the living room despite him being at his dad's house the last two days.

If it wasn't supposed to be hotter than the sun tomorrow, I'd try to go for a little walk as well. I miss my (nearly) daily walks I did last summer. In another month, the rains will start, and I'll be stuck inside for the next nine to ten months. Maybe I'll clean up the kitchen then take my coffee onto the front porch and read or knit or something. Maybe even *gasp* write!

Written by justanotherjen

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