March 15, 2020

Trying out new habits

Today I challenged myself to get up real early, like 5:30 early. I usually sleep in until 10 or 11 AM so I was not too keen about the loss of sleep. However, I watched a few videos on the subject and found that having more productive hours in a day might just be what I need and thus worth it. This is what my first "bad sleep" day looked like.

I put my phone further away from myself in a way that made sure I had to get up to silence it. This by itself, would not have been enough since I am notorious for getting back to bed anyway, so I opened the window and let the crisp morning air in. With the fresh air came fresh thoughts and I somehow managed to resist the temptation of my warm and cosy bed. Most of the time I have trouble staying awake because if I do not have anything in mind to do I get really sleepy. I guess I am just lazy like that. This time though I had Habitica and my extensive to-do list, so I was safe. I was doing one thing after the other and never thought about being tired. It just slipped my mind. The only time I noticed anything was around 11 AM. I was reading a newspaper when my head started buzzing. I had to read a few lines over again, which irritated me greatly. I ended up having to resort to drinking coffee. I do not often partake in the drinking of caffeinated drinks, but I do like the taste of a hot latte with alarming amounts of sugar. Anyway, I managed to bribe my head into silence and had a wonderful day after.

By 10 PM I got super tired which is nice I guess. I really hope I will manage to get up early tomorrow too. It is so worth it.

Some random thoughts:

  1. Silence is the clothing of the mind. People who just blurt out whatever they think and overshare are essentially running around naked. Appropriate clothing depends on the context and occasion. Spouses opening-up their deepest thoughts and feelings to each other is as intimate as sleeping together and makes their relationship stronger. On the other hand, being vulnerable to people who do not want a deeper relationship and keep themselves closed off is a lot like walking into a black-tie party in casual clothing. It just makes you feel stupid and out of place.
  2. I find that there are three main degrees of curiosity. The highest degree, of course, is when a question nags at you and you are excited to find out more and put a lot of effort into researching it. The lowest would be when you just do not care enough to even ask yourself the question. Yet there is also a point when you see something you do not immediately understand or know the answer to, but it does not provoke you to actually look for the answer. These are the questions that when answered by someone, you go something like "Ah, interesting!" and then simply go on with your day unchanged. For example, I wonder what the levels mean on this page? I do not think we get any exp points or anything and everyone I see is level 1. Although this is something that boggles my mind every time I see it, I can not be bothered to look it up, even though it is probably answered somewhere. I find that I am only mildly curious.

Written by Aislene

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