Aug. 18, 2020

Not Much to Report

I decided to take my pill late last night to see if it affected my sleep as much. I was up until after 1am and still woke up before 7am this morning. Tonight, though, I'm dragging a lot despite taking my pill at around 9pm. I think that might just be because I'm actually tired from being up so early and doing more work out in the yard. I had planned to get more done, but it was a lot hotter than I had expected.

In the end, I got the weeds pulled on the side of the driveway, cut back some plants that were overtaking the walkway to the back gate and then used the hose to wash it all away and to clean the driveway (we have some serious water pressure with the house--a power washer would have been better/easier, but the driveway cleaned up pretty nice with just the hose).

I went out at around 11:30am and came in just before 2pm. By that time, it was about 80F with an expected high of 85F so I turned the air on, warmed up some chicken and rice for lunch and went to rest. I had planned to go out and get stuff done earlier before it got too hot, but my daughter and grandson were in my room for hours this morning talking about random stuff (daughter) and throwing stuff all over (grandson).

I also did the dishes this morning and cleaned the sink (which gets clogged up because the dishwasher drains into the garbage disposal but that broke back in November). I also had to run the 14yo to the store for girl stuff then came home and ate dinner a little after that. By then it was super hot so I was glad I turned the air on earlier because blah.

So, yeah, I think I'm just worn out from the day even though I didn't do as much as other days.

And now I have to go downstairs (ugh) to let the cats out so they quit bugging me.

Written by justanotherjen

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