Aug. 20, 2020

Getting use to life.... "Not quite my tempo" (but I'm trying)

Weekly review 9-16 august

Alright, alright, alright. 

So, late weekly review. Not a regret but a disappointment (I have to stop writing "actually"). This was a very exciting week. I had really good days at my job, nice selling, and realized that I'm not doing bad at all in the first weeks so I'm not stressing too much about that right now. 

That stress is going more to my investments which I'm getting close to the $2,000 between Bitcoin and ETH and it is awesome. I put a quick stop this week (august 18) to my trading apps because I already put the money of this and next month in my investment and right I'm focusing just on that, so every time I open the app I stress about the price change if it dropped a bit or not when I shouldn't be doing that as it is a mid-long term investment. So, already made that change.

Now, in personal achievements, I managed to get almost 40 Km between biking and riding and it feels awesome. This next week I'll be focusing more on the upper body and some nice time out with my bike. 

With connection and family, I'm doing fine, having a great connection with one special friend, although, trying (not too hard for me) to not put a romantic connection there. Also feeling awesome moving out partially (xD) with my neighbor which is almost family but I'm like renting office space there and hopefully in the future renting a room and my office there. It feels awesome just to change the environment and go out in my beautiful neighborhood at 6 am and contemplate the sunrise. Huge accomplishment.

INTERESTING THING THIS WEEKS, almost, by a hair, bought a full family size apartment. Crazy, I thought it was a good investment in the side. Just renting it, having to pay just a few bucks each month for 25 years, nothing right? Well no, I took the decision in a completely opposite manner than a real stoic would do it. I did it with emotion and excitement. Thankfully my brain woke up and I worked hours to create my own spreadsheet about amortization, monthly capital payments, interests, rent, appreciation, and earnings. And, although it is an actual investment, is not the type of investment I want to get in right now. It is a long theme but I really love it and I will invest in this "real state" market in the future (hopefully with my Bitcoin earnings) before I move out of Guatemala.

So, as you can imagine, a great week, boosting my productivity, losing time in a controlled environment, learning A LOT, moving and pushing my body to limits, getting things done and that's how I like it.

P.S. I found a way to trick the system and get points in my lifemiles CC without spending anything xD I have 10,000 points in a couple of months

Written by johanam

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