March 16, 2020

Thoughts on habits and politics

Darling past self, why couldn't you wake up on time? It is not that hard. You just get up and bear with it for a short while.

So yeah, I did not manage to keep up a streak of early rising but fear not! I have not given up just yet. Quite often, when I fail to meet a goal, I get myself in a slump of sorts. I start to question if it is even worth the effort. Maybe it is not that important. Maybe it was only a mistake on my part to want it in the first place. I have given up on a lot of things in this way. Most of them only temporarily. I still wished for the same thing so after some moping, what would last from weeks to months, I went back to trying to reach those goals again. I think I might spare myself such nonsense this time around. I have just written about how great early mornings are. I loved every minute of yesterday and a want so much more of it. Maybe I will have more days when I do not sleep proper amounts, but I still think it is worth it.

Today I had to hustle to get to the end of my to-do list. I was awake for only two hours less than yesterday, but since I barely managed to finish anything before noon, I never had a feeling of accomplishment. I think that is what I really liked. Sitting down in the middle of the day with most of the list already checked. A good start gives you motivation for the rest of the day.

Virus update: 39 confirmed in Hungary, 1 deceased, 1 cured. People standing in long lines in front of pharmacies, lines made much longer by the fact that everyone is keeping a meter distance. And people asking the Vietnamese shop owner if they can be counted on to stay open.

Unfortunately for us, in Hungary, our prime minister made sure to surround himself with cowardly yes-men and will not trust anyone to give him good advice, so we are in a situation where no one wants to take responsibility and the government says one thing in the morning and another in the evening. I am frankly jealous of the UK. British politics has so much more humour and intelligence. Of course, politicians say BS everywhere, but it makes all the difference when they are called out on it and made fun of in a light-hearted way. I also got a bit envious when I read about the elections in Slovakia. Suddenly, they have a bunch of evangelical Christians in their parliament. I pray they make good decisions, become blessings to their country - and their neighbours - and bring glory to the name of God.

I pray that this time of crisis becomes an opportunity for us to see our failings that were concealed and improve in ways we could not have imagined before.

Written by Aislene

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