Aug. 22, 2020

A Little Bit Better Today

I didn't get much done today, but I definitely felt a little better. More alert all day long. And that was after going to bed around midnight and getting up a little after 6am. I sat around my room until around 7:30am then decided to go make coffee. I immediately felt my blood pressure rise when I saw the mess in the kitchen, but I have serious trouble cleaning when other people are sitting around doing nothing so I tried to ignore it.

But before the coffee was done, the oldest daughter and grandson were in there and she was dilly-dallying with making him breakfast so I did it for her so he'd quit whining (it was just eggs and microwave sausages). After the food was done, I took my coffee upstairs and worked on a crochet project (a cover for my Swiffer mop so I can finally mop the kitchen floor without getting on my hands and knees with a rag--god, I hate laminate flooring).

Around 11am, I decided that if we weren't going to go to the store (again), I would go pull some more weeds. It would be a little bit of exercise and I'd get some sunshine and feel useful. But when I mentioned my plan, my husband said we'd go to the store. So we went to Target because we were looking for utensils and cups that matched the plates/bowls we got the baby a couple weeks ago. Of course, the closest Target didn't have the right cups but whatever. We also got a new pizza pan since I now make homemade pizza dough. We only had one (very old--like it was my grandmother's) pan so it takes forever to bake all the pizzas.

I wanted to go to Joann's to get the rest of the embroidery floss I need for another project, but he refused to drive me all the way over there. But Michael's was on our way home so I decided to try there. The place was a disaster which made it difficult to find anything. I was barely able to grab some brown yarn I needed to finish a sweater (both Walmart and Joann's had been out of this particular color) because there were carts full of stuff blocking every aisle. I thought maybe they were remodeling or something, but it was just a mess. The guy working the register said there was a mishap with their last order so they got like double of everything and had no room for it in the store. The employees looked very stressed.

But they had all the colors of floss I needed so I was happy. I got home and started working on the cross stitch again, but now that means I have three projects going at once--the cross stitch, a sweater for my 14yo that I'm trying to finish before school starts on the 2nd and a mystery knit-a-long blanket. Oh, and that Swiffer cover I need to finish (once I figure out the pattern, it shouldn't take long).

Anyway, it's now 11pm, and I'm still going. I'm tired but not the overwhelming fatigue I had been feeling. I took my mood stabilizer at 10. It should start kicking in soon so the sleepiness will come. I'm hoping the fatigue the last couple days was just due to my sleep schedule being upset after messing up my med times.

Tomorrow, the plan is to clean the kitchen up and organize the dining room to start setting the 10yo up for school. I think both kids have decided to do the all online option for school so they don't have to do Zoom meetings (they'll be able to work on their school stuff whenever they feel like it as long as they get enough assignments done each week).

Written by justanotherjen

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