Aug. 25, 2020

SEO, blogging and all of that stuff

Well, I've been trying to do my blog since several months now. I have some consistency in the articles I write each weekend but I'm not sure which path I'm taking or which topic I'll pick. I love productivity and learning how to improve yourself but I'm not sure about it now.

Now because of my self-diagnosed ADHD I'm wandering through the realm of SEO with Neil Patel and, literally, millions of people trying to rule that world. It's crazy how many people are trying to disrupt this market nowadays so that makes me think twice about the advice that I've been receiving from some great podcasts and awesome articles.

They say that is as easy as picking a well-known subject, research for SEO's create your blog/website and start writing. After that you're done, you'll have a 3k revenue blog and hundreds of thousands of visits.

I don't know, I guess I'll try just becaus I'm this a pragmatic guy but each time I read or hear more about it my confidence comes down. I guess that is like every thing, requires big effort, and as I love to say "It will take double of time and double the money that you planned" but I'll make it work.

Written by johanam

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