Aug. 27, 2020

Keep dragging or Start Rolling

I've been working my ass of this couple of days. I'm doing pretty good in my job, selling a lot and getting good money. But I guess, that's how life traps you, money, instant gratification and coziness. It is bad enough bringing your mind or body to the limit just for a monotonous task that rules your day, but is worst when after that the rest of the day you feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself for the work done and you end up in a state of numbness stretching yourself in your bed and going through your social networks or the cursed Youtube.

Doing and feeling like this day by day, without a goal in mind after what can be weeks, months or even a lifetime for some, you feel as you were dragging yourself through life, as you were pushing your weight day by day over a muddy surface where some days you planned to quit but routine and fear keep you doing it just once again.

The tricky thing is that you will feel like this even if you are working in your "passion", in the things that you like.

So we ask ourselves.

Where is the difference then, if both things will make me feel the same what's the point? Well, the goal and a clear mind is the difference. If you start liking what you are doing you can start moving forward without the terrible feelings about all that mud that covers you, you start dragging your weight through it but suddenly you start mixing with the mud and the obstacles, you like them more and more, the challenge, the stress, the excitement until your not dragging anything, not pushing a hair, but rolling, rolling as snowball absorbing this challenges and obstacles helping you to be better.

After a while you blend completely with that mud and from the other side it rises a new person, that did what it had to do because the image and the goal was already there since the beginning. This person never quit not because routine or fear, but because it knew where he was going and what he had to experience to get there. He didn't know all the obstacles but he learned to adapt and overcome each of them and even use some to his advantage. This guy, this hero is not the exact image or objective from the beginning, but is even better because of that, more complex and satisfied with what he is accepting that his journey is not over but knowing what he already went through.

I would like to become this guy, I will, with effort that I need to apply. I have to stop dragging my sh*%t and start rolling with what I love focusing in one snowball movement and not spreading as a puny avalanche wondering many things.

You'll see.

Written by johanam

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Posted On Sep 11, 2020

@AthyAri Thanks for the comment! I hope you can find a purpose and follow it too! Cheers

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