Aug. 31, 2020

More School Stress

T minus two days and counting until school starts. I'm really feeling the stress now, and it's making me feel sick.

I completely forgot the 10yo's virtual open house tonight. We watched a movie then I shooed him out so I could continue with my knitting I really wanted to have done by tomorrow night. I looked down a little while later to see it was already after 6pm so he missed it. After I reminded him and my husband and myself. Ugh.

Then around 8pm, I remembered my husband texted me about the call he had with the school about their all-online option for the 14yo. The assistant principal also emailed me a form to fill out, but I was busy with other things and only glanced at it when I got it. On my phone, the links didn't show so I didn't notice until tonight that she needs to choose her classes she would take with the program.

Well, the 14yo is currently sick and quarantined in her room. So I'm having to have the discussion over messenger, and now, she's all confused over what she has to do. There's just one more day of summer vacation left to sort this stuff out. On top of that, the form we need to sign doesn't have an e-signature option (my husband asked about it), and we don't have a working printer. I have to use my phone to sign it with my fingertip and then have the 14yo sign it (and somehow sanitize my phone after. So much freaking trouble.

Tomorrow is a drive-thru back-to-school thing for the 10yo, but I decided we won't go because of the 14yo being sick. It's just safer that way. Hopefully his teacher wasn't handing out anything important. I'm going to email her to let her know in case she is handing stuff out because we also won't be getting anything from the bus they send around to drop stuff off. At least not for two weeks.

Besides all that, my grandson came home from his dad's despite the illness in the house, but now we're not allowed to see or touch him or touch any of his stuff or make food for him or anything because we're all contaminated or something because we don't take the virus seriously enough. She was mad that I washed his sippy cup and bottle that were sitting on the counter forever. They went through the dishwasher so are sanitized. She also wouldn't feed him the mac & cheese that was sitting on the stove that I made for lunch because my husband had some of it when he got home and therefore contaminated the pot when he got his food. She needs therapy. She's probably also mad that I took away her paper towel privileges because she uses 20 of them every time she's in the kitchen (one for each thing she touches--can't touch two different things because that's cross-contamination).

I'm so stressed out right now. I'm still trying to help my daughter with her class forecasting. It shouldn't be this confusing because it's basically the same thing she did back in 8th grade for this school year. The classes are mostly the same. The credit requirements are the same. She still doesn't get it. She apparently wasn't paying attention last year when they did this. My head is killing me. I had to warm the last of the coffee up at 8pm just so I'd be alert enough to write this journal and deal with this school stuff.

And now there's no way to finish this sweater. I was really hoping to surprise her with it for the first day of school, especially now that she's sick. But I still have 2 squares to finish for the sleeves then need to block those strips. Sew all of the sleeve strips together, make the collar, front/back ribbing, cuffs then sew all of the pieces together. I'm very slow at doing ribbing so all of the trim is going to take forever. I could possibly finish the squares and get them blocked tonight and maybe start the ribbing or collar. I would have to work all day tomorrow to get it done. No breaks to do anything else. No cooking dinner. Just working on this sweater. Ugh.

I can't stay up late tomorrow night either because I have to be up early and ready to sit downstairs from 8am until noon to make sure the 10yo is doing his work. It's going to suck because my feet are so swelled up. They swell up even more when I'm sitting in a regular chair.

And now the 14yo is mad that they don't have any of the electives she wants to take and doesn't want to sign up for any of the ones they do have. But she also refuses to do the virtual school with the zoom meetings so she's stuck. I'm so done with this tonight. I can't get any knitting done until she picks her classes because I keep having to go back to my facebook to respond to her.

I need a beer.

Written by justanotherjen

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