Sept. 1, 2020

On the Eve of a New Beginning

Well, school starts tomorrow. I think we have everything ready. At least everything we can control.

I have the 10yo's area set up. He has the supplies he needs. His ipad seems to be updated, I figured out his Zoom issues, and he's logged into his google classroom. The 14yo will be fully enrolled in her online academy (through our school district). She filled out her class choice form and we signed the enrollment forms (which was a pain because they didn't think to set the forms up with e-sign and they all need to be emailed... ugh). The assistant principal emailed me tonight to say she should be able to log into her first class in the morning and the rest will be added by the afternoon. She needs to "attend" the all-school assembly zoom meeting at noon but doesn't have to go to the other classes she was enrolled in through the regular virtual school. Which doesn't matter, because I'm calling her in sick. On the first day of school. Don't think I've ever had to do that before. And the transfer papers were approved for the 17yo to continue at her online school which is through a different district (her third year there).

I think we're ready.

I think.


My anxiety is through the roof, but I don't know if I should take something because what if it makes me loopy or I can't fully wake up in the morning? I have to be up at 7am to wake the 10yo, make sure he eats breakfast and is ready to roll before 7:50pm. This is a much earlier day than his regular schooling. Normally, he doesn't need to even get up until 8:15 because he gets on the bus at 8:45am, eats breakfast at school, and his day starts at 9:15am. This is really early, especially since he's been getting up at 9am a lot lately.

So my plan is to get up before 7am which is pretty normal for me lately (although I did set my alarm for 7 because there's been a few days I didn't get up before then). I'll spend 10-15 minutes chilling in my room, bathroom, get dressed, etc then go downstairs around 7. Make coffee, unload/load the dishwasher and clean the counters, etc, while the coffee is brewing. Wake my son. Make sure he eats something (I might actually make breakfast in the morning since my husband hit up Costco and we have bacon in the house).

At 7:45am, I'll have him finish up his breakfast and whatever else he's doing, make sure he's dressed and go get my laptop and anything else I might need to do some writing and get set up at the other end of the dining room table. At 7:55am, he needs to log into the zoom meeting and be ready to start.

I'm either going to work on my back-dated blog posts or brainstorm some old stories I desperately need to complete. Or I might just ramble in my writing journal for two hours. Hopefully, I manage to get something accomplished even if it's just a list of stories I might work on.

My son will be done at 10am. He's supposed to get a 15 minute "recess" at that point then spend 45 minutes working independently before lunch.

I'm still not sure what we'll do after his live classes. He's supposed to get independent work (apps or workbooks or something). I'm hoping he'll want to just plow through it all so he has the afternoon to play on the computer. I know if he takes a break, he won't want to go back to his schoolwork and it'll be a fight. I also don't expect there to be any homework on the first day.

I didn't finish the 14yo's ugly sweater in time. I really, really tried. I might have had it almost completed tonight, but I spent over an hour cooking soup for her then my husband came home with groceries which took 30+ minutes to put away, and then I had to eat and got sidetracked with other stuff. I didn't get half of what I wanted done today. It's close, though. The sweater back, fronts and sleeves are pieced together. I put the ribbing on the back and have the ribbing for the fronts done. I just need to attach them. Then I need to make the cuffs for the sleeves, the collar and botton bands then attach all of that and figures out how the sleeves attach (the pattern isn't very clear).

I'm just nervous I won't be able to keep up the pace with the school stuff. That's every day, five days a week for the next three months (at least). I feel okay now, but my energy has fluctuated wildly over the last couple weeks. Sometimes I feel great all day, other times... not so much. Today, I was really dragging around 1pm. Right when the 14yo woke up and wanted something to eat. I had suck a hard time finishing up the soup and putting the groceries away. I kept getting confused on what to do and where things went. I felt so lost and burst into tears at least once. I hate feeling like that--the brain fog is so overwhelming. I used to be smart, but I don't feel smart anymore. I'd wouldn't be surprised if I forgot how to tie my own shoes. I feel stupid.

Oh, and the return of a wonderful symptom. I decided to have a glass of iced tea with actual ice in it. Usually, I drink it from my water bottle with the built in straw. Right away, I started chewing the ice. I thought I kicked the habit. Chew ice is a symptom of iron deficiency. I'm wondering if my iron is getting low because I was really, really craving ice. Any time I have managed to get my iron up, the urge/craving just went away. Even if I have a glass of ice in front of me, I won't chew on it. But right now, I couldn't resist. I popped a few pieces in my mouth before I even filled the cup up with liquid. Ugh. It's a horrible habit--messes your teeth up. Now I have to avoid ice and try to convince my doctor to do another blood test.

Well, I guess I better wrap this up and get ready for bed so I can get a good night's sleep. Not that I'll fall asleep any time soon but... good habits and all that.

Written by justanotherjen

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