March 18, 2020

A Day Out

Today, me and my grandmother spent the day tending the garden together. It was great to be out of the city for a change. I do not really mind being cooped up at home, my father joked that quarantine for our family is basically other people starting to act more like us. We are natural social-distances. However, some fresh air is good for anyone and a day of physical exercise outside does wonders for mental hygiene.

I find that I love working in the garden with my grandmother. We both work in comfortable silence for the most part. There is no need for small talk but if we see something interesting we can share it without any awkwardness. We pruned the fruit trees and spread some fertilizer around sprayed plants against mites and even had some time to water the garden. A lot of people are strongly against pesticides and I get their arguments, but I am from a family of chemists so chemicals do not scare me too much and it is not like you could get anything strong in Europe. All the strong stuff that needed expertise to use are banned already and we are left with pesticides that would not harm a fly, so to speak. I mean it is great for the bees, but not so great for the plants. I do not like it when people think they have got nature figured out. It is a lot like the economy. There are a lot of variables, and the way they interact is delicately complex. The main difference is that we know even less. Economics is about people at the core but nature is all the people plus everything else. What bothers me most is that most of the bio trends are only politics and marketing. How can anyone claim that something is better when they only listen to the trendy side of the argument?

Well not that any of this really matters. Only God can give you eternal life, not macadamia oil.

Written by Aislene

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