Sept. 7, 2020

Happy Labor Day

I tried to be laborious on this Labor Day. I spent the weekend doing nothing so wanted to actually do something to feel like I earned celebrating Labor Day. I know, I'm weird.

So I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher this morning, made coffee, and ended up cleaning the downstairs bathroom (which deserves a freaking medal of valor). I also tried to pull some more grass and weeds in the backyard, but I waited to start too late. It was already in the low 80s and climbing. I was out there maybe 30 minutes before I had to come in because of the heat. I felt dizzy and sick so loaded up with cool water and turned the air conditioner on.

But then before I could really rest, the 14yo asked for something to eat so I started her dinner early. I had 4 choices I could make for dinner tonight: steak, hamburgers, steak sandwiches or steak tacos (can you see the theme?). She wanted the steak sandwiches and since she's still mostly confined to her room, I decided to make them for her even though I had decided to make the steaks for dinner. So got that done, but was still worn out from the yard work and decided to wait until dinner time to cook the rest of the food.

By the time that rolled around (4pm), I noticed the wind picking up here, bringing a lot of smoke from the wildfires in the eastern part of the state. Thankfully, I had already decided not to try and grill the food for dinner. I doubt I would have been able to light the grill anyway, but we're under a red flag fire warning and burn ban because of the dry winds.

Anyway, the night has been pretty calm despite the craziness outside. It's so hazy with smoke now, you can barely see the street lights. And the wind is ridiculous. Every once in a while, the tone of my fan will change then the lights will flicker a moment. I wouldn't be surprised if we join the other 15k+ people that have lost power tonight. Of course, my so borrowed our one flashlight a few weeks ago, saying he would bring it back after the weekend. I haven't seen it since. I'm charging my phone so it's ready to go if the power goes out. We also have candles around the house. Everyone else is asleep, though, so it shouldn't really matter.

Tomorrow, I have to clean the kitchen because I barely managed to get the food put away tonight. I'm also going to try to get through my other backdated blog posts while the 10yo is doing school.

The 14yo is finally starting to feel better. I let her go out for a walk the other night to get some fresh air and tonight she came downstairs to get ice cream (with a mask on) after her sister left for work (because she would have thrown a fit about it). She said her sore throat has been gone for two days and her cough is better. Hopefully, she'll be fully out of quarantine by the end of the week. No one else got sick which is a miracle in our house. Funny how quarantine actually works to contain an illness.

Written by justanotherjen

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