March 20, 2020

About my coming Blog

Ok, this log is going to be just to organize a little bit my thoughts about this.

So, I've been thinking a lot (too much actually) about putting out there my blog, but I'm struggling a lot about what is going to be. Why? Well, the answer is generalism. I'm a really curious person with a lot of interest and I really struggle to choose some of them, focus and getting things done. Now, I've improved a lot, I was really terrible, but with organizing myself and with help of some tools that I consider amazing to track my time and have true deep work I am doing stuff now and most important, finishing stuff.

But still, I put myself in a situation of stress and I;m sure that I dont't feel stress as most people do, I really love to be stressed. When I go through days that I worked my ass off, all day long and I was tensed and rushy almost the whole day, at the end of the day, I am able to look the day of the week that was really crazy and enjoy that. Enjoy that I really finished the week with a lot of tasks done and I don't remember many as I was really focus to finish them. That is what stress means for me, happiness and enjoying the job that I did. I want more that's why I like to live like this.

Anyway, I am dividing the things that I'm doing and I'm giving this (writing) a high important grade. It is still between the things that I truly love (Hobbies) along with playing piano and reading, but I've been working really hard to make a habit out of this, so I don't care if my mind says "Like butter spread in to much bread" NO, I'll do this just as I'm doing everything else! Great job!

Now, The other issue that I have is choosing the topic or topics. I"m well known for being a lousy decision making person, and don't take me wrong, I am really good at making decisions for my businesses, when I need to lead a team, etc. as I understand the value of well reviewed but quick decision making in all of this, despite the risk and the posibility of failure. But, when it comes to my personal decisions I tend to analize stuff a lot, and I mean A LOT. I love to be a rational and analytic person, but this sometimes drives me crazy and I don't know why I can't apply it in here. That's why I started writing, to order my thoughts, put the options written down and make choices about live, about characters, don't worrying to much how it will look or what people would say, just writing stuff there.

But I won't let myself get lost in this. I took my decision already. This is going to be a blog about personal development, business mindset and random things to learn that will make you better,. I don't want to be like someone else, but I have great inspiration in this guys:

And a some day a little bit like:

  • The hustle (Awesome News?)
  • Tim Ferris (Really!! Personal development)
  • Nomadic Matt (Travel blogger)

So, a lot like Eric Barker as I want to be reading constantly, learning new things each week to improve myself and write it down to the people in the weekend. But with a couple of twists, first of all I will be sending it in two languages spanish and english! Most likely with a split screen as sending a message for people to start improving themselves by learning this new languages. Why? Well, first of all, must of this awesome bloggers write only in english, and I know that there is less people that read in spanish but I don't want to believe, and if it's true, I want to change it. And second, nowadays this are the 2 most important languages in this side of the world so we better start learning them, and just o be clear not only latinos to learn english, you guys should also learn spanish, as my brother said once. "You can use the new tools that we have to transmit a message in a language that we don't know, they'll receive the message... But, if you want to touch their hearts, that's only through their mother tongue. So that'll be the first twist with two languages, I really haven't seen blogs like that so I hope it's good, and second..... I'm still looking for the second.

Written by johanam

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