March 19, 2020

Do not forget to take care of yourself!

I have never been a girly girl but being stuck at home with no reason for me to make an effort to look good is becoming a bit of a problem. That is why today I had a morning of self-care.

It started by me realizing that now that my parents were in home-office, our flat got dusty twice as fast. I concluded that this is quite obvious if you think about how most of the dust is dead skin and fabric flakes. I did the dusting and vacuuming and when I finished, I looked at the dismal state my skin was in and realised if I do not do something about it, I will have to start the cleaning all over again much sooner. So I scrubbed off all the dead skin, while I was at it committed genocide against some hairs that were growing in the wrong place at the wrong time and used some lotion so my skin would not dry as fast. I also spent some time having fun with some new hairstyles. The rest of the day I walked around the now clean flat doing my regular tasks with a feeling of hygiene and satisfaction. So I guess taking care of oneself is part of mental hygiene as well. I have to make sure I remember that.

I have been feeling a bit tired as of late. Not that I am surprised. I have been waking up much earlier and have not yet adjusted. A part of me is thinking I should have postponed changing my routine to after the virus is over since being tired will not exactly help my immune system but whatever, I like my lone wolf times in the morning. I get to reflect, read the Bible and generally recharge my introverted mind. I would probably go crazy being stuck with my family for who knows how long all-day every day. I love them of course but still, I need my alone time.

Written by Aislene

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