Sept. 11, 2020

Not Sure About Today

Today was a little up and down for me.

Didn't wake up until my alarm at 7am this morning which put me off my routine. I didn't have time to sip a coffee while checking social media before going downstairs at 7 to do the dishes and stuff before my son's classes started at 8. Then my husband has today off so he was home yelling at his video games while I was trying to do some writing.

The cats kept fighting which forced me to get up numerous times to break them apart, but I wanted them inside as much as possible because of the smoke. Then the oldest came down to be distracting while I was trying to get the 10yo to do his independent work. I didn't get to sit still for very long today which was annoying. Then I woke the 14yo at lunch time so she came downstairs to sit at the table. Problem was by then, I was really sleepy and just wanted to rest but felt obligated to sit with her since I convinced her to come downstairs to work.

So I sat downstairs with all the noise and distractions until 1pm when I just couldn't do it anymore. By then my back was killing me from the hard chair and my feet were super swelled up. My one idiot cat scratched my leg as I tried to walk past him (he does that for some reason) but I didn't notice until I felt my pant leg all wet. It's just... oozing. I had this happen once before where a cut just oozed clear liquid for two days because my legs were so swelled. The cat jut happened to scratch me at the right time.

It's so freaking annoying. And I know it's probably a sign of a more serious health issues. Even more frustrating is that yesterday the swelling in my legs had finally gone down to almost nothing. Then because I sat at the table all day, they ballooned back up. I've been drinking a ton of water to try to flush my system but the swelling has only gone down slightly.

Then there's the smoke. It gets in the house no matter what we do. The sky was a dismal orange-brown, and you could see the smoke just hanging in the air. The only positive is the smoke blocked out the sun so instead of getting into the mid-80s today, it was barely in the upper-60s which meant we didn't have to run the AC or open the windows.

I marinated some pork chops for dinner but then was too tired to cook them (will do it tomorrow). And I didn't really do anything today besides try to keep the cats from killing each other. I never did the dishes or cleaned the counters. I did make tacos for lunch. I spent the rest of the day watching Netflix and trying not to fall asleep.

Oh, the 17yo finally found her way home and with her phone which she apparently got back from the person who stole it from her. Sans SIM card, though. At least the 14yo isn't sick anymore although both girls are wearing masks in the house as a precaution.

Tomorrow, I have to make sure the 10yo has all of his work done from Friday and get him to do his art project which is due Tuesday and encourage the 14yo to try and catch up with the assignments she missed while she was sick (putting her a week behind in a very fast-paced program) and get the 17yo to actually do some homework.

Written by justanotherjen

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