Sept. 13, 2020

Missed a Day...

I missed my first journal entry here. It was unavoidable.

Yesterday, our cat, Lilah, started acting weird. She couldn't really walk and looked like she was listing to one side. Very shaky. She also had a glazed look in her eyes which wouldn't fully open so it was hard to really tell, but I think they were dilated. She was completely out of it.

Her symptoms were first noticed a little after 6pm. Before that she was fine as far as anyone could tell. No one could remember letting her in or outside. She was in my room all morning just sleeping.

We left for the emergency vet clinic an hour after her symptoms were noticed. I honestly wasn't sure she'd be alive by the time we got there. They took her from us around 7:30pm. We finally talked to the doctor around 8pm. We decided we couldn't afford full hospitalization so opted to start with blood work to figure out if what was going on was even treatable then go from there. The doctor said it would take one or two hours for the labs to come back so my daughter and I went to the store to walk around (It was already 9pm by then so we had to find an open store because Walmarts close at 10pm now).

Anyway, they called us back while we were at the store that her kidney's were failing. Treatment would be invasive, full hospitalization, lots of meds and tests. In other words: expensive. And in the end, there was no chance she'd survive more than a couple days. Actually, there was little chance she'd make it with no side effects.

We decided to not put her through that. It seemed pointless to spend all of that money and time when she would just suffer and die anyway.

She went to sleep in my daughter's arms, hopefully knowing she was loved and will be missed.