Sept. 17, 2020

Not a Good Day But an Okay Night

Today just didn't go well. I went to bed early last night (around 11pm), hoping I'd get a good night's sleep to make it through today with limited coffee input as I was almost out of creamer (and black coffee upsets my stomach). But I didn't fall asleep right away and didn't sleep well at all. I woke up a little after 6am and felt like crap. I just sat on my laptop until nearly 7:30 then forced myself to go downstairs and do the dishes before the 10yo started his school.

He was also in a bad mood because he stayed up past his bedtime as my husband was watching a movie and the 10yo sleeps on the living room floor. He sulked through his two hours of lessons, barely paying attention, but I didn't have the energy to fight him. Then around 9:30am, I decided to try playing Sims since the girls were still sleeping and between his Zoom lessons and independent work, I would get until around 11am to play.

Things were going okay for a few minutes. My husband said I could order the new knitting stuff pack (I've been wanting knitting since I suggested it back in the Sims 2 forums a million years ago). While he typed in his code for the his credit card, I ran to the bathroom. When I came back, I noticed they had charged us $65 which was wrong. He didn't pay any attention to what he was buying, and for some reason, it tacked on two other expansions. That we already had. So we spent a half hour sorting that out so we'd get a refund for the games we had (bought those back in July). In the end, I only got to play for maybe fifteen minutes before the 10yo needed help with his homework.

That's when things went really wrong, though, because I was tired, frustrated, had a headache, and had zero patience. He was feeling about the same. I couldn't explain to him what he had to do for his work even though I was using the plainest language possible. He was just refusing to listen. I couldn't deal with it and flipped out. I had promised him, I'd sit with him at the table every day while he did his homework. That's from like 7:50am until noon most days. It kills my back and hips and my legs/feet swell up crazy. By the time he's done, I'm usually in so much pain, I can barely make it up the stairs. Add the headaches and fatigue and... I don't know how much longer I can do it. This is only the third week of school.

Since my husband had the day off, I just went upstairs. I was no help at all and the 10yo was in no mood to do his work anyway. I went back to bed even knowing I probably wouldn't get any sleep nor feel rested when I finally got up. I laid there in a quasi-sleep from around 10:45am until almost 2pm. Partly because I was tired and a lot because I was just depressed and didn't want to do anything else.

I woke up feeling a little better. At least, I was more functioning.

I ended up running to the store after I woke up because I needed stuff to make meatloaf for dinner. The store was... ugh. No one pays any attention the arrows on the aisles, including the employees. No one social distances. But at least they all wear masks now so I guess that's something. It took way longer than it should have because I had to avoid so many aisles with too many people going the wrong way. And I was so stressed by the time I got home that I decided to not make the meatloaf. We had steak tacos instead which turned out really good.

I guess while I was napping, the 14yo helped the 10yo with his independent work so I didn't have to deal with this.

On another plus note, I found a case of pumpkin ale at the store. They only sell pumpkin beer in the fall, and I missed out on it the last two years. They just happened to be stocked on the end cap near the register I was using. I thought I was going to have to choose between their various six-packs but then noticed they had a variety 12-pack with all the flavors. YAY! I'm on my second one (imperial pumpkin ale). Can't wait to try the coffee-pumpkin ale tomorrow.

Anyway, after dinner and with my beer in hand, I went back to my room and decided to try Sims on my laptop. It's a gaming laptop and normally can handle it really well with the settings on high, but I stopped playing games on it back in December because the fans were making a lot of noise. I didn't want them breaking then the whole thing overheating and dying because I can't afford to replace this thing.

But the other day, I opened the back up, cleaned it out, made sure the fans were working okay and all the connections were tight. It hasn't been making as much noise so I took a chance. So far it seems fine, and for some reason, running the game has got all of the keys on the keyboard working again, including the right shift key. Right before I turned the game on, I tried to reply to a text from my daughter but the W and S wouldn't work so I got frustrated. Now they're all working great. Not sure what happened.

I think I'm done for the night, though. My beer is gone and I'm tired again. I need to be up by 7am for school so off to bed I go, I guess.

Written by justanotherjen

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