March 20, 2020

Happy 1st Monthiversary!

We have now been online for exactly 1 month. Here are some interesting stats that we accomplished in 1 month:

  • - Total signups: 64
  • - Total public entries: 144
  • - Total Pictures Uploaded: 21

Here are some of the features we have been able to add in the first month alone:

  • - Writing and posting public / private journal entries
  • - User registration and user profiles
  • - Ability to upload photos and attach them to journal entries
  • - Ability for the user to download a backup of all their journals and photos
  • - Comments in journal entries and photos
  • - Comment user tagging and notifications
  • - Unique visit counter for journal entries and photos
  • - Sitemap page
  • - Organizer / To Do List
  • - Username and Password recovery

We will continue to provide updates to the site and improve it day by day. Thank you for using us and keeping the site community alive. Please post any questions, concerns, comments down below!

Written by AYearAgoToday

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