March 20, 2020

Another day cheating the not yet implemented lock-down

This morning my grandmother called if I would come to help her with the gardening. I was quite comfortable sitting at home, so I was somewhat reluctant but ended up agreeing to go anyway. My father mentioned in passing, that it was probably not the best idea since he just got back from abroad a week ago and we still have no clue if he is carrying the virus or not. I was a bit peeved at that. He really could have reminded me before we went out for the first time. At this point, it is probably too late to start keeping distance. Maybe there will be no problems since we do not hug or kiss, but we do spend an hour in the car together.

We weeded most of the garden since we might not have another chance to get out. We did not want useless plants to eat all the nutrients from the soil. We also watered everything from the well this time. The pump will probably have to be cleaned because the water pressure was weak.

The garden is starting to grow on me more and more. I love how you can find more and more buds and sprouts and I am particularly fond of the birds in the neighbourhood we have a lot of blackbirds, some blue tits and you can hear some woodpeckers in the vicinity and these are just the ones I know, there are a lot more. My favourite is a pair of blackbirds they sing goodbye to the sun at dusk and afterwards, they come to our garden to hunt. They were somewhat uneasy about our presence at first but got over it quickly since we did nothing scary.

The only problem I have with the lot is the left-hand neighbour and her dog. The bitter old lady has been living there for as long as I can remember and apparently spent not one second on training her dog since it has no manners whatsoever. I never saw it because of the tall and dense fence she put up, but it has the most annoying since I have ever heard. Some dogs have nice booming voices, but this one barks at a frequency that causes literal pain. The worst part is that it does not know not to bark at neighbours so whenever it notices we are there it barks the whole day. I do not know how the owner is okay with all the ruckus, maybe she is a bit hard-hearing. I do consider myself an easy-going person in general, but that mutt is just begging to be shot. Good thing I do not own a weapon. The neighbour would probably not like my permanent solution. I wish she would just train her stupid dog or keep it in the house.

People ask each other if they are a cat- or a dog person but I think they are overlooking all the bird people out there.

Written by Aislene

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