Sept. 25, 2020

Creepy Uncle

I didn't end up going to meet Scott. For some reason he was insistent on picking me up off the street and I was like just pick me up at my house?? so yeah, I didn't go because he wouldn't do that and that seemed strange to me. Like no one would really give a shit if I disappeared, but this guy is just too obvious about it. It's a bunch of layers of creepy down to him already talking about living with me and kissing me, but posing as my uncle for some reason and I kind of just want to throw up. Ehhh occupational hazard.... it happens. I guess I might have to see him tomorrow and then I don't know what will happen. Supposedly he just has a bunch of phones lying around and that's how he can just give me one, but that sounds really strange too. I know he has anger issues though, so I really don't want to piss him off...

Instead, today I played through some visual novels- Nekopara Vol.1, Blameless, and The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne. I haven't started another actual novel yet. I should do that soon so I don't lose my momentum. I have a book that I borrowed from a friend which I should finish, but it's tempting to pick up something a little more exciting because that book hasn't quite hooked me yet. I don't often read non-fiction.

I've been eating way too many snacks. My housemate actually encourages my snack hoarding habit because otherwise their kids will eat all of whatever they like before anyone else gets

Wondering if it's going to storm or if I've just been sitting in the same place with no back support for too long because my back is killing me. I have a medicine for it that I can put on though. Makes my clothes feel weird and sticky for a minute though until it dries. I should get some sleep then.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Sep 26, 2020

tbh I already thought Scott sounded suspicious based on wanting you to rent from him (which would put you under his control). sooo...yeah, follow your instincts, it's definitely shady

Posted On Sep 26, 2020

@Achaius Yeah I met up with him today and all I had to do was just listen to him rant about things which honestly is the easy part about being an escort, so it was an easy day. I saw that he does have the phone for me, but again it seems like a form of entrapment because he needs to get a SIM card for it and wants to add it to whatever plan he is on. It's definitely still suspicious.

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