Sept. 25, 2020

Doctor Update

I saw my primary care doctor today to discuss continuing issues.

Not sure what I think of this doctor. She's been my husband's doctor since we moved here ten years ago, but I've only seen her a couple times. Every time I've felt rushed and unable to actually ask any questions about my health. I miss my old doctor who actually seemed to care and took the time to explain things. But she dropped me so...

I actually only saw the doctor for probably less than ten minutes. She came in, read my chart, asked me about the swelling, listened for two minutes then suggested I get more labs done and go from there then ushered me to the waiting room where they also have an area to draw blood. I never saw the doctor again. I had to remind the nurses that I was supposed to get a flu shot because they all told me I could leave. That was apparently the end of the appointment. I got there at 11:30am for an 11:40am appointment. The doctor came back at 11:55am, and I was done by 12:20pm after waiting and having my blood drawn and my flu shot.

I had wanted to, once again, ask about getting back on my birth control. I've seen this doctor three times and have never had the opportunity to ask for a prescription. I wasn't even given the option to ask questions at all this time. The appointment was just ended. I thought I would get my blood drawn then we could further discuss my issues, but that was just the end of it. I left disappointed again. I guess I should start looking for another doctor because this one doesn't have time. But she's the closest one to our house with this clinic (it's a five-minute drive vs 20+ to the next closest location).

Anyway, she did order more labs to check my iron and other things that might be causing the ridiculous swelling in my legs. I just got some of the labs back. Not the iron one, but my sodium and potassium were normal (two things she wanted to check). In fact, my sodium was on the low side which seemed weird. I'll have to wait for the rest of the results. I'm especially worried about my iron since I've been craving ice again. Never a good sign.

My blood pressure was 138/82 which is high but pretty good for me in a high-anxiety situation like a doctor visit. Last time I was there, it was like 160/90 or something.

I'm also getting a referral to get a sleep apnea test. At l think I am. Since I didn't see the doctor again, I can only assume she put the referral in. I guess I wait to see if the sleep medicine department calls me or something to set up an appointment. Should be tons of fun since I also have insomnia so it takes forever to fall asleep even when I'm exhausted.

Now, I just have to wait until Monday for my virtual pysch visit to discuss my meds not really working. I'll be in a constant state of anxiety until that's over. Ugh.

Written by justanotherjen

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